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    Post RV Checklist, Tips and Suggestions


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    Post RV Checklist, Tips and Suggestions Empty Post RV Checklist, Tips and Suggestions

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    The following are Post RV suggestions that may or may not fit your individual situation..Take what does and disregard the rest. Thank you

    Post RV Checklist:

    Get a free and clear letter from the bank for any Currency exchanged. This proves source to keep funds from being tied up later, having to prove non criminal origin.

    1. Change your number, make sure the new number is unlisted. If you don’t, every Tom MAN'S PRIVATES and Harry will be knocking down your door when they find out about your new circumstances.

    2. Contact an attorney that specializes in taxes and trust accounts.
    3. Set up your family trust(s).

    4. Contact your bank(s) and set up POD accounts.

    5. Do not deal with banks that have derivatives and hedge funds.

    6. Set up CDARS accounts.

    7. Pay off ALL debt.

    8. Fix everything that needs repair.

    9. Upgrade your personal, home, auto and umbrella insurance.

    10. (Consider ransom insurance too!)For your family/children

    11. Set aside enough liquid funds for you to survive for 2-3 years. This should account for every expense you have on a monthly basis – don’t go short!

    12. Invest in precious metals (like gold & silver or Rare Earth Metals).

    13. Go to SEMINARS to learn to make money through SMART investments.


    15. Pick your friends wisely.


    Someone will be “watching you” so you’ll want to do the following:

    1. Be very low key (non-descript).
    2. Don’t flaunt your newly obtained wealth.
    3. Open up a secure Email address.
    4. Get a new cell phone number; cancel the old one.
    5. Get a P.O. Box
    6. Put a security system in your house.
    7. Install high security Medco bolt locks, and a heavy duty safe.
    8. Install reflective film on your home windows.
    9. Consider building a safe room.
    10. Get training in self-defense / firearms.
    11. Use PGP (or better) encryption on your computer and Email.
    12. Don’t trust anyone … keep your friends close and your enemies closer.


    Dos and Don’ts on Windfall Wealth (Robert NH):

    Treat it like a Powerball win

    - Tell no one, not even family. If you must talk, do so with one who is already in the know.

    - Don’t run out & buy new “stuff”. People notice.

    - Get an unpublished number and give it out very sparingly.

    - Get a tax accountant you can trust to make sure the IRS is satisfied (Certified Opinion is something to look into) and pursue asset protection.

    - Move slowly (e.g. change of car, address, furnishings). People notice.

    - If you are going to stay where you are look into fire/burglar protection. They have all sorts of extras nowadays and you do not have to advertise them or for them.

    - Get identity theft protection. There are several companies out there – check them out, ask for preferences from those who have it.

    - Reduce and remove debt. Stay on top of your credit report. I don’t believe in paying these outfits to check regularly. An identity theft protection company should be able to tell you if someone accesses it or affects it – Life Lock.

    Remember – once out your phone & mail will be swamped with requests for money and “offers”. Friends and relatives you never knew you had will show up at your door with a “problem”. You will get swamped with charity “membership renewals”, calendars, cards, tokens, key rings, etc. all with donations in mind. Giving comes from the heart..

    Make sure taxes are paid and be aware of future tax liabilities incurred from your investments.

    For information on what to go with, invest with, work with, be diligent. Check it out. Ask those who also have wealth.

    Never, ever make a major decision on the spot. That boat, car, house, etc. is not going to go away while you sleep on the decision.


    Additional Suggestions

    1. Use a P.O. Box instead of a physical address.
    2. Get a woven stainless steel wallet, and passport folder. stronghold or
    3. Aluminum water-resistant wallet
    4. Change your daily routines.
    5. If you move, don't make an address change @ the DMV.
    6. Concealed weapons permit.
    7. (erase personal information on the internet). Quit social networking.
    8. For those getting or building new homes...SAFE ROOMS!



    1. E-MAIL SECURITY: Open a secure e-mail address. Here are some websites to check: or or These companies charge for their services, but they are worth it. Just remember when you use such a service that that are 3 kinds of e-mail:

    * Un-encrypted -viewable and storable by the world (travels through the Internet).

    * Encrypted e-mail with password - requires that the receiver knows the password you have set to be able to read the e-mail. Travels over the Internet encrypted.

    * Encrypted e-mail that requires that the receiver has an account with the same secure e-mail company you are using. This e-mail never is transmitted to other e-mail servers on the Internet. Web based and often off shore. Very secure.

    Please note that even secure encrypted e-mail can be compromised if your computer has been infected with a Key-Logger. Consider NOD32 4.0 antivirus ( and Online Armor Firewall (

    Please note that you must be sure that all other firewalls and antivirus software is uninstalled before you install the above anti-virus and firewall recommendations. Hope this helps.

    2. HOME SECURITY: Install a security system in your house. Install high security Medco bolt locks. Consider installing a heavy-duty safe in your home or building a "safe room". I plan on having a hidden safe like what is available through this company: Install reflective film on your home windows.

    3. INSURANCE: Upgrade your personal, home, auto and umbrella insurance to the highest amount they are willing to sell to you. For example: if they offer $1 million on your vehicle, get it. It can be a first line of defense in the event someone tries to sue you from an accident (even a "planned accident"). Consider ransom insurance, too!

    4. PERSONAL SECURITY: Get training in self-defense / firearms. Don't flaunt your newly obtained wealth. Be very low-key. Be careful of your conversation in public areas where others can overhear you. Don’t trust anyone. Pick your friends wisely. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

    Close all of your social networking accounts. If anyone asks you why you closed your Facebook, just tell them for security reasons. (my husband and I have already done this). Completely erase all personal information on the internet.

    Do not have your home in your personal name (you can use a trust, for example). Remember, property tax records and other records associated with your home are easily available to the public.

    5. IDENTITY THEFT: There are many companies available to assist you with protecting yourself from identity theft, such as

    (Note: for those individuals planning on using the WF Group Rate- these details may already be prepared for you)

    How to work a bank deal post RV

    First of all, relax. You do not have to cash out the very first day. You will have plenty of time. Make sure you are getting the best deal you can.

    Money talks and has considerable power. You need to walk into a bank and tell them what you expect if you choose to exchange your dinar there. You expect no fees, the highest rate possible (make sure you tell them the rates you can get elsewhere), immediate access to your money, an appointment with a private banker and an appointment with a wealth mgmt. consultant.

    A private or personal banker is your personal banker and they are there for you. This is your go to person for normal banking issues and transactions. They should be the only one to handle your account and you should keep their number on speed dial. Your private banker is always there for you and defers to your decisions.

    Make sure and feel comfortable with whom your private banker and wealth mgmt. advisor is and feel free to ask for a new one if needed.

    Always ask for referrals, successful bankers do not mind providing this information. Then check on those referrals and ask questions such as…is the banker available when needed, do they return calls in a timely manner, what is your track record with them. Do they follow your agenda or push their own?

    Since you are going to become very close to these people….you need to assure you have like personalities and are comfortable dealing with them.

    The banks we are dealing with should make additional resources available depending on your net worth. worth (for lack of a better word) start at $250,000 in investable assets and go up from there. Obviously the more you are worth, the greater your accesses and privileges.

    Privileges include such things investment management, concentrated stock management and intergenerational wealth transfer strategies. Make sure they are professional and not just someone you hear about on the internet.

    You've waited to long for this money to lose it via some internet scheme.

    Other things you need to ask for and expect includes…no fees ever….no cashier check fees, no bank fees, no credit card fees or annual membership fees, free use of a safety deposit box.

    You need to ask for a privileged ATM card. I am not sure what all banks call this so make sure and ask. It’s a debit card with higher daily limits or even unlimited depending on your situation and no fees, even when out of network.

    Be sure to determine both your ATM cash withdrawal daily limit (or no limit) and your debit card spending limit (or no limit). They’re different.

    Banks are well aware of how to verify and deposit foreign currency as they do this every day. It is not critical that your branch have a De LaRue machine. Your dinar will be sight verified in front of you and deposited into your account.

    This acts as any other deposit in that most funds will be available overnight.

    Our bank has stated more than once that this is not a complicated ordeal for banks…only dinar holders have made this complex. They know foreign currency inside and out as this is their daily business.

    Banks are well aware they have competition for our business from other banks, dealers and exchange centers. They are also aware that dealers state they will be giving the CBI rate. Banks know in order to get and keep our business they need to be competitive.

    Banking was explained to us in finite detail and the money they make is really on the back end and thus they want to retain our business long term. They are aware to do this they need to make us happy short term.

    Do not let your money out of your sight…If you go to exchange and the bank says they have to send you’re your currency somewhere else to be verified….GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!

    What if the bank comes to you a week later and says your money was counterfeit? What then?

    Your money is gone and you no longer have any proof.

    A certificate of authenticity for our Dinar purchase would be of no consequence at that point. We really cannot even prove by our purchase receipts that the Dinar we are exchanging is the same Dinar that we purchased.....We must be extra careful whatever we are doing post RV

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