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    September 21, 2013 Intel


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    September 21, 2013 Intel Empty September 21, 2013 Intel

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    This post contains information from our Dinar Gurus

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    September 21, 2013 Intel Empty Fwd: RV Song

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    Everyone needs to understand that there are threats being made to certain Dinar websites that if they do not participate with a specific exchange group they will be blacklisted from exchanging. It is all a threat to bring people into their group. At this time I don't know which site is doing this, but we should know soon. Tony with TNTDINAR site, he will expose them to the Dinar community if they do not cease and desist. As Tony said, I can't understand why someone is even doing this because those who have purchased dinars or dongs will have plenty of money soon. The enemy is definitely at work right now. That is why I am sending the update below that is posted on STTAGE2OMEGA SITE.

    We also know that Okie was threatened and is very upset about this.

    1. IN THEORY & CONCEPTUALLY GROUP IS GREAT IDEA......................

    2. IN THEORY GROUP COULD HELP MANY...............................




















    FOR A HIDDEN AGENDA................

    100,000,000,000% YES!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!


    OKIEOILMAN UPDATE, 9-20-2013






    Pay close attention to what I highlighted in red on Okie's update. There is code in his message that tells us exactly where we are right now, AND IT IS VERY GOOD.

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    September 21, 2013 Intel Empty Fw: Dave Schmidt: So . Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

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    If you sometimes wonder if the Dinar and Dong revaluation is a scam, and think it will never happen, this article should put your fears to rest. This is the best written analysis of the global banking reset and revalue of Iraqi Dinar and Vietnamese Dong I have ever read. It was written by a retired state senator.
    Dave Schmidt: So … Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

    So … Who Wants to be a Millionaire? With the Coming Global Currency Reset, Just About Anyone Can…..If They Want to!!! Here’s Some Practical Thoughts and Advice!

    Steve Beckow has encouraged folks to purchase Vietnamese dong for the coming Currency Exchange (C/E). I hope I can add some information to help those who are not sure about getting involved or have some questions.

    But first a little background on me. Many of you may remember me as the initial Director of The Hope Chest and the co-host on the “Let’s Talk 2012 and Beyond” radio program, and just last week I started a new radio program on Wednesday nights called “The Sedona Connection.” (

    But, I also have a background in banking and finance, was a former State Senator and have been a market trader for over 17 years. I now live in Sedona, AZ and I’m helping a group of about 50 of us that have purchased dinar and dong……we’re all about to become overnight millionaires and we are taking the prudent steps of being responsible with our new gift of wealth.

    I’ve been writing, giving help, direction and practical application to the group now for about 5 months, so here’s extending it to a larger group with some practical Q&A. Many of you have friends or family you’d like to have participate in this C/E but they are not about to believe in a channeled message from an angel or a simple statement from Steve. They want some proof or practical reasoning about what is about to happen. This Q&A should help.

    What is the Global Currency Reset or Revaluation?

    While the Iraqi dinar has had most of the attention, there’s actually a complete global currency reset about to happen. About 198 currencies in the world are being reset backed by assets and commodities such as gold, silver, oil, wheat, rice, etc. Various economists and experts have said we must do this or the whole global financial system will collapse.

    What is the Basis of This Currency Reset?

    A few weeks back there was a You Tube video posted on the Golden Age of Gaia by Bix Weir mentioning the elimination of worldwide debt. The real basis of the interview was the coming currency collapse. All of the G8 countries (U.S, Canada, France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Russia, and Japan) have fiat currencies, meaning there is nothing backing them up but the good faith of the government. We know how good that has been; most of them are bankrupt.

    The Federal Reserve in the U.S. can print money at will and put it into circulation at any time. They’ve been doing this by the trillions for the last few years, it’s obvious they think money can grow on trees as they can just print up whatever they want whenever they want. This normally causes a huge cycle of inflation, devaluing of currencies, and leads to a collapse.

    Every fiat currency in the history of the modern world has eventually collapsed and all of the G8 countries are currently in debt beyond their ability to recover. They are all theoretically bankrupt beyond their ability to pay back their debt, meaning it’s only a matter of time before their currencies collapse. This printing of trillions is just kicking the can of collapse down the road.

    Bix stated we are on track for this collapse in the next 2 to 4 months. The collapsing currency also eliminates all debt as money has become worthless. He stated we are on a path of two choices, currency collapse or a global currency reset backed by commodity assets. One is inevitable (the collapse) if we do not do the other (the reset).

    Who’s Behind this Currency Reset?

    The shadow governments controlled by the cabal/illuminati have manipulated the global finances of the modern world for a couple of centuries. They currently manipulate and control the stock market, price of gold and price of oil. They have deliberately kept about 60% of the world’s population living on less than $2 per day and the rest of the developed world in some form of economic slavery. The ultra-wealthy 1% has controlled the rest of the world’s population through the power of controlling the world’s money supply.

    Their lust for power and control is about to all fall apart. A coalition of about 160 countries led by the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) have formed a united front on the G8 and called their bluff of corruption and greed.

    The G8 so weakened the world economy that it gave way for the 160-nation coalition to step up and call “check” in the world financial chess match. It’s game over; the coalition is demanding a return to asset-backed currencies to stabilize the world economy. The IMF (International Monetary Fund), World Bank and BIS (Bank of International Settlements) have quietly been working on this reset for 5 to 10 years.

    Why are the Iraqi Dinar and Vietnamese Dong so Important?

    There are three currencies that are way out of balance with the rest of the world; the Indonesian Rupiah is the third. While I’m not familiar with Vietnam’s full story, Iraq’s has been more center stage. Both of their currencies were devastated from their wars with the U.S. as their currencies can be purchased for 1/10th of pennies on the dollar. In 1990 when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, the country was placed on economic sanctions by the U.N. They could not trade their goods on the open international market and their currency was taken off the foreign exchange. This is what is meant by U.N. Chapter 7 seven status.

    On June 27th, the U.N. Security Council voted 15-0 to remove Iraq from chapter 7 and return them to chapter 6 status. They once again became a member of the international trading alliance, but to do so they must bring their currency back onto the foreign exchange market, meaning it must be revalued.

    Today 1162 dinar will trade for $1 U.S. In 1990 before the sanctions .29 dinar would trade for $1. To reverse the trade value, in 1990, 1 dinar would trade for $3.47. Today approximately 21,100 Vietnamese dong will trade for $1 U.S. So you can see the huge imbalance. When the currency reset is backed by commodity assets those values will skyrocket and come back into balance with the rest of the world.

    So Why Are the Dinar and Dong Going to be So Valuable?

    Each country’s currency value will be based on the country’s tradable commodity assets. Not only does Iraq have the 2nd largest oil reserves in the world, but they have huge gold mines. Many are speculating that Iraq’s dinar could become the strongest currency in the world.

    Their Prime Minister was recently quoted as saying, “We have billions and billions barrels of oil to trade, but we do not even have running water.” Their country has been devastated by war and they want to rebuild. They are hungry and anxious for this reset to happen and are willing to pay handsomely for it.

    For Vietnam, it’s rice, the world’s largest food commodity. Vietnam is the 2nd largest rice producer in the world and they have offshore oil rigs. They have been selling their rice and oil to China who has kept their currency in suppression since the war. Based on an open and free market the value of their rice and oil will explode to be on par with the rest of the world.

    So, What are the Exchange Rates of the Dinar and Dong going to be?

    That’s the trillion dollar question!!! Some individuals have been working on this C/E for close to 10 years. For most of that time speculation had the dinar returning to its 1990 value of $3.47 and the dong around $.47. Based on talking with scores of people involved and reading the blog sites every day, I believe these are the minimum rates.

    But, in the last month so much has changed. The key was the U.N. vote on June 27th to bring Iraq back into the global open market, when that happened everything changed. Since then the blog sites have been saying the reval could happen any day now. But, things do seem to change every week, let alone almost every day.

    What most people don’t know is the U.S. government has trillions of dinars to exchange. They want the value to be high so they can pay off the U.S. debt and they have been negotiating behind the scenes to get the rate as high as possible.

    Many insiders who have contacts in the IMF, U.S. Treasury, the Central Bank of Iraq, and some of the larger banks in the U.S. have been reporting the rates are already appearing on the back screens of the bank officers’ computers. This has been going on for over a month and the rates are reported to be very very high. While this is all speculation at this time, the intel appears to be reliable. Some feel those rates are just test rates and will not be accurate, while others are reporting those are the C/E rates for the private groups (I’ll explain that later.)

    OK, OK…. So what are the Exchange Rates?

    Speculation has the minimum rates of the dinar at $3.47 and the dong at $.47. The upper rates… I hope you’re sitting down … The dinar is at $23.50 and the dong at $3.60. Do the math; you’ll see why we can get excited!!!

    100,000 dinar minimally will become $347,000 and 100,000 dong will become $47,000. At the high end 100,000 dinar will trade for $2,350,000 and 100,000 dong will become $360,000.

    So……What are the Costs?

    There are different options for purchasing the currencies. Because the dong is currently tradeable it can be purchased at a local bank. But, don’t expect to walk in and get the currency the same day. Most of the banks have to order it from larger HQ’s and it will take about 3 days before you will have it in hand.

    As Steve mentioned, you can also go to a foreign exchange at a local airport. But, I wouldn’t count on that either. For security reasons they don’t keep large quantities on hand. The larger quantities you would likely have to get through a bank or through the online certified dealers.

    You can purchase 100,000 dong for about $12-$14 at a bank. You can get the same for about $18-20 online. Dinar or dong can be purchased by certified online dealers. You can google them, but make sure they are certified and guarantee shipment. You can acquire 100,000 dinar for about $30-$40 online. Those are total costs which include the currency, the transaction fee, shipping and handling and a small profit for the dealer/broker. Most of the online dealers require a money wire and extra for Fed Ex shipping.

    There’s one myself and our group of about 40 in Sedona have been using. We pay a few extra dollars per transaction, but we have all been very pleased with the level of service. One flat fee covers everything and we have the currency in hand in about three days from the time of order. They are also one of the very few who allow you to use a debit or credit card and they also have a 7 day guaranteed return policy, no questions asked.

    Do the Math!!!

    Here’s the bottom line, using the higher costs, $20 can buy you 100,000 dong that minimally turns into $47,000. $120 can buy you 100,000 dinar that minimally turns into $347,000. Rates vary based on volume purchased, but you get the idea!

    So……What’s the Real Bottom Line, in Other Words, What About Taxes?

    That’s another million dollar question. Tax implication is something we cannot overlook.

    There are all kinds of speculation and rumors floating around on the blog sites regarding taxes. I’ve done my homework, but there is more to the story.

    Before taxes, the dong is a better return on the dollar if the rates are higher across the board. But, reliable intel information is saying there may be a huge tax advantage in purchasing the dinar.

    What is the Current Law Regarding Taxes?

    I can only speak to U.S. law and do not have the time to do the hours of research for other countries. Rumors, rumors and more rumors are floating around about what the President or others are going to do about the taxes for the C/E.

    My advice from someone who was a lawmaker (Senator) for 12 years; stick with the current law until you have solid proof otherwise. The U.S. Constitution is clear, only Congress can impose a tax. The law does not allow a tax to be implied retroactively, so the current law applies until something else is passed through Congress.

    The current law considers an increase of value in a currency an investment and is taxed as a capital gain. Period!!!

    IRS Publication 525, page 30, “Taxable and Non Taxable Income, any increase over $200 is considered a capital gain. Here’s the link to the publication to read it yourself:

    So, What is the Capital Gains Tax Rate in the U.S.?

    There are two rates for capital gains, short term and long term. Long term is having the asset in possession for more than one year. If you purchased your dinar or dong more than one year before you exchange it, it will be long term. Make sure to keep your receipts for your date of purchase. If you can’t prove your date of purchase it could be very very costly.

    Anything less than one year is short term. But here’s the key, they date is not based on when the Reval takes place, but the day you exchange it. The capital gain is not considered a tax until it is realized, or turned in.

    So What’s the Rates?

    Short term is taxed as normal income. Those rates vary based on the amount of your taxable income. The top U.S. rate for 2013 is making over $450,000, most of us will qualify for those rates.

    Short term top rate: 39.6%

    Long term rate: 20.0%

    Here’s the scoop, most U.S. citizens should plan on paying 40% to 45% of their reval earnings in taxes. Don’t forget your state taxes, those vary from state to state and are different based on capital gains state laws.

    Why Could the Dinar be a Far Better Value After Taxes?

    That’s another million dollar question, but first, the rest of the story. When I was first approached about purchasing dinar, I asked …….who’s going to pay the trillions of dollars for the increase in value of the RV. Answer…..China……how…..oil credits.

    Iraq has billions of barrels of oil, China has billions of people and China has trillions of U.S. dollars from the decades of purchasing U.S. bonds. It cost Iraq $2 to produce a barrel of oil, while the current market is about $104 per barrel. Iraq wants to have as many of the dinar, now in our possession, in their country quickly. Here’s what’s supposed to be coming down, but remember it is all speculation until proven otherwise.

    China is willing to pay the higher rate for the dinar from us, paid for by their trillions of U.S. bonds. They purchase the dinar in a private exchange and then use those dinars to purchase oil from Iraq at $30 per barrel vs. the open market of $104.

    This produces a win-win-win scenario. We win by the higher dinar exchange rate, China wins by receiving billions of barrels of oil at a discounted rate and Iraq wins by quickly receiving their dinar back so they can rebuild their country.

    Here’s the other tax implication, creating a great savings for us. This exchange could be considered a commodity exchange, not a capital gain and it could be considered tax free. Yes, that means we may be able to receive the full exchange value with no tax implications. The jury is still out on that decision as it is one of those gray areas in current tax law.

    In that situation the President has leeway to decide how it can apply and has supposedly brokered a deal with China. As of now, the speculated deal has China paying an 11% tax on the dinar/oil exchange and we will pay nothing. He also was the one who supposedly was able to get the dinar rate up to around $23. The President wants the higher rate so the government’s dinar can be used to pay off the U.S. debt. Also, U.S. is China’s largest export partner. When millions of U.S. citizens have millions of new dollars to spend, China benefits from our purchasing their goods. It’s another win-win-win proposal.

    Because this tax deal applies to the oil credits, it appears to only apply to the dinar and not the dong. While some are saying the tax free exchange may apply to the dong, there is very little intel backing that up.

    Based on the inside intel, if this happens the dinar is by far a better return after taxes.

    As a straight up purchase, and applying the 39.6% tax rate, and using the minimum exchange rates, the dong is a better value on the dollar spent.

    But, the intel for the dinar is far more positive and the potential for exchanging them tax free gives them a better odds. The dinar can revalue without a global currency exchange while the dong is dependent upon it taking place. There is far more reliable intel on the dinar than the dong.

    So, what should we do?

    I can’t give you a direct answer, there is so much speculation on both sides and so many variables that we cannot accurately verify. But, here’s what I did. I made a number of purchases over a few months. Each time I would go into meditation and inquire from my higher self. I felt it was prudent to have dinar and dong, but leaned to the dong side. It depends on how much money you want to spend, what you can afford and what type of guidance you receive from within yourself.

    How should I tell this to my friends?

    There are two ways to look at this, the esoteric/metaphysical side with info from channeled angelic sources and the practical 3d world perspective.

    I’ve tried to give you the more practical info so you can share this with friends and family who will not listen to a channeled angel source of info. In other words you can share this info with others without them thinking you’re crazy.

    There I so much more info available on the esoteric side that gets me so excited about the higher rate, but, space is limited for now.

    What do we do When It’s Time to Cash In?

    There are reported to be three different exchange rates.

    1. The street rate, what you get if you go to the bank teller window as an individual.

    2. The ability to negotiate your own rate with a bank of your choice.

    3. The private group rate.

    What is the Private Group Rate Exchange?

    It is reported the private group rate is going to be the best. In fact many are implying the street rate could be the lower $3.47 while the private rate may be as high as $23.50. But, this is still all speculation. Why? The China oil credit issue. The currency you exchange at a bank will go directly to Iraq and not to China. The private group exchange goes directly to China and they use it to purchase the discounted oil.

    Can I be a Part of the Private Group Exchange? Yes!!!

    All you have to do is sign up on the blog site email list. This group now has over 130,000 people and it is the volume of the group that will get the higher private rate.

    How Will I be Notified of the Group Exchange?

    Wells Fargo bank is working as the independent broker for the group. You must be on the email list. When the RV happens they will send out an email to the list giving an #800. You will call that number, they will verify your email, you will give them your zip code and they will direct you to the closest private exchange center via you location. This will be a private exchange with Wells Fargo employees and will not be at a local bank branch for security reasons.

    Do I have to Accept or Use Wells Fargo for this Exchange?

    Nope, it’s totally your choice based on the three options listed above. But, if you get my drift, you would be crazy to not consider it and at least check it out. Why? You can take your dinar into a bank, receive the lower $3.47 and have to pay about 40% in taxes. Or you can take your dinar to the private exchange, receive upwards to $23 and potentially pay no taxes…..DUHHHHH…..NO BRAINER……unless you like paying high taxes, throwing your money away and making the bankers get richer. How? Those bankers who give you $3.47 are going to take that dinar and exchange it for the higher $23. They’re not stupid; they’re in the business of making money for their bank and bonuses for themselves!!!

    When is this RV Going to Happen?

    Any Day……Seriously… could be tomorrow! All the reports say it should have happened two to four weeks ago.

    I have chosen to not give you any specific currency broker, etc. as I want to respect others choices. But, as stated all of us in our group of about 40 in Sedona have been very happy and comfortable with who we are using. We’ve been having meetings in a private home to support each other, learn from each other, and give info to each other.

    We’re researching local CPA’s, tax attorneys and financial planners to use after we receive our money.

    One night I gave a presentation to a group of about 15 people in my home. We talked taxes and other ways to be prudent with our new wealth. We’ve formed a foundation as a 501(C)3 non-profit that we are going to use for funding community projects.

    I have all this in three short You Tube videos about 15-17 minutes each along with a power point presentation explaining the details. If you’d like to view these send me an email to and I’ll send you the links.

    So, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

    You’re being given a once in a millennium opportunity to become an overnight millionaire!!!

    What’s the risk? $20-$40…..shoot, I waste that much on a bad bottle of wine or a poor choice of an evening dinner at a restaurant!

    So get with it!!!


    Dave Schmidt

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    September 21, 2013 Intel Empty Late Fri.PM/Early Sat.AM Dinar Chatter 09/21/2013

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    CC TONIGHT AT 10PM 712-432-0075 PIN 473850#

    Late Fri.PM/Early Sat.AM Dinar Chatter


    Saturday Morning:


    (Already Blessed] we had some great news early...but nothing we are just waiting for intel and info to come IN....EARLY for TONY... Tony will do a blast if there is a significant change...other wise we are just waiting

    [Echo4Sierra] Word on the street is its coming. Be here before Monday

    Utahgirl) R2d2.....came on and said his sources had just told him it has been was hoping it would have been verified by now

    [jeff] utahgirl well got that same info this morning but will have to wait till monday to see

    [dinarnotfar] Why Monday?

    [jeff] dinarnotfar cause the banks are closed usa and all open on monday according to sources it will be then

    [jeff] dinardizzy yes ya may see it on the forex on sunday eve but goes live on monday so I have been told

    dinardizzy] jeff Ah well. I can handle that. Tomorrow works, too.

    [dinarnotfar] Jeff. Maybe we still get 800 s prior to

    [jesusfreak247] Jeff The way i keep looking at this thing is that the Release could happen any moment that they dont care when the push it out as well as okie's post saying that he has stepped on to the beach and we to should start praising with thanks giving when he usually asks us to pray that the info is true.

    [jeff] jesusfreak247 well got an email that even more confirms his post sooooooooooooo think so

    [august] historically speaking the RV/RI has taken place on Sunday's...So let's just say. That is history, but this is so different.



    [dkg] Good morning ..sure is looking better then it ever has for our rv and $sign coming our way woohoo1 for all of us soon!!!

    [beach] dkg i just wish it would happen and we know it will soon

    [dkg] beach it is happening even tho we can't see it all is very good

    [dkg] keep your faith strong our journey is just about over

    [dkg] our rv is coming the first of the week

    [dkg] beach I really think it is already over we just haven't been told yet

    [dkg] yes

    [beach] dkg i think it may come this week end or imo

    [dkg] me too

    [dkg] BBL have the best day ever come Monday our lives are going to change for the better woohoo1 my friends

    [garyfla99] dkg bye1 bank Monday

    [skysthelimit] 3 min daily RV update



    BobGetz6: There is a book written by G. Edward Griffin and released 11/2010 which should be mandatory reading for all US citizens. In my opinion, it should at least be read during high school or at the latest during the first years in college.

    The book is "The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve."

    This is a sequel to "The Creature from Jekyll Island." The second book encompasses all of the information as to the forming of the Federal Reserve, which was in the first book, and continues on with the sordid details.

    If you are not angry to the point of nearly being out of control after a few chapters, there must be something wrong.

    This book goes into great detail as to what has gone on behind our backs, what it has cost us, and what will happen if we don't correct the problem. The book is available from in a variety venues. I am listening to the book as I get more out of audible books.

    Other than The Bible, this could very well be the most important book that you will ever read due to the depth of the subject matter. I was and am still appalled and am only two thirds of the way through the book.




    [fmc1] happyone From Eagle 1: RV again broadcast on Iraqi TV and scrolled across bottom of screen. E1 copied and sent it to a friend to translate. It was posted in Gazette Delay last night was because of procedure change requested by China. Most believe rate will show at night or end of business day E1: IMF told him this morning they want it wrapped up today. Received text from UST last night that said "tomorrow will be a life changing day"

    [jadenter] So the only times all US banks are open or all closed are 4-6pm EST (open) or midnight to 4am EST (closed)

    [artmeister2] Reminder: Alabamas calls are back every Monday/Wednesday/Friday. By popular Demand. Call in number is: 1-559-726-1300..Pin No: 364876#...Time: 9:00 Eastern and 8:00 Central. Come Join Alabama, Art, Bluedog, Cherrie, Ricky and mo



    [shasta7] hello ev1...

    [Watercolorist] shasta7 How's the sprain?

    [shasta7] Watercolorist still hurts really bad... but dealing with it... maybe the tequila sunrises I'm having tonite will help... lol

    [Watercolorist] shasta7 How's your uncle?

    [shasta7] Watercolorist my uncle (which is more like a brother cause we grew up in same house) is in pretty bad shape... lazerated liver, internal bleeding 6 broken ribs & other stuff... is in Trama care unit

    [shasta7] was in car accident

    [shasta7] just isn't my month... yet!!

    [shasta7] Even with all my troubles I keep remembering what my mom used to say... there is always someone else who is hurting more... my mom was a very smart woman!!!

    [shasta7] BUT on a good note... seems all the guru's are all positive... my sources are also saying we have a great window...


    [abbababy] Is anyone as tired of hearing about the bad guys being put away before RV, as I am. We never hear about the arrest. How do we know it is even true. Just more hype in MHO. These people need to get a life already & move on. this stuff has been posted for over 3 yrs now.

    [sandytob] abbababy Unfortunately I do believe in the massive corruption in the people who control our money...and in the corporations who are poisoning us and somehow keep getting congress to pass whatever bills they want.

    [abbababy] sandytob Ok but why don't we hear of their so called arrest. Las week we heard that the next two weeks we will be hearing of these arrest in the news media. Well why are we not hearing about them? Exactly it ain't happening. But I wish it was at least we would know that some of this carp is true.


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    September 21, 2013 Intel Empty BluWolf Opinion Emailed to Recaps Saturday Morning 09/21/2013

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    BluWolf Opinion Saturday Morning


    Bluwolf Saturday morning post

    This is strictly my OPINION. It is the way I see what is happening and its outcome, you make your own conclusions.

    Self destruction, government shutdown, workers would not get paid on time, government worker without work, markets would be affected, landmarks closed, this will raise concerns between outside contractors, fed will do some unstable ventures something that should not happen (see this is what the bad people want to happen so they can stay in power over the puppets in your government and you ), and this most definitely will affect and destabilize confidence around the world.

    This is just 9 days away. Well you may say well they have been doing it since the beginning of Obamas reign and life continues as normal, but everything does come to a end and this time you will fall off the cliff, your government will shut down and you will really be hit hard in your pockets.
    Now to the why I have come out with this and to the why this relates to this US/Iraq rv, well the answer still is and will be someone's legacy ( O's ).

    This specific scenario is an exact historical image of the crisis that President Clinton had when he was in office, and he got his ( LEGACY ) fufilled to the maximum even with surplus to spare, by letting those against him fail in their intent to destroy him and what he represented and stood for.

    Then once this was fulfilled by the bad guys own demise, he came back and fufill his life long LEGACY with just one stroke of a pen ( he signed off on the RV of the Kuwaiti dinar, product of the Iraq war. ),,,

    Ladies and gentlemen this exactly will be what will happen in just 9 more days in the President Obama vs. congress fiasco where in fact as of yesterday they committed exactly the same mistake that the congress way back when did in the Clinton years.

    One would think they learn something, This is a shame cause they didn't…… affecting not only their jobs but your livelihood. ( all this is tailored by your teaparty which was created by the last Bush dynasty so do the math.)

    Folks as HISTORY IS ABOUT TO REPEAT ITSELF we must wait a little more to profit from this rv ( rest assure its coming ) as our President shall go on in history with a Great and Worth While LEGACY.



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    September 21, 2013 Intel Empty Saturday Afternoon Dinar Chatter 09/21/2013

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    Saturday Afternoon Dinar Chatter



    [trcgroup] 2:30 PM gatorguy I am not selling HOPIUM.. Just got off the phone with my Fidelity investment advisor whom I have been working with for many many yearslll Point blank he said " Monday, don't plan on going to work" for the first time in years of our working relationship,.. he got word from his higher ups that this thing is going Monday.. 2:33 PM I know everyone will ask me rates... he doesn't know.. but the fact we know each others family's etc... he will not jeopardize our relationship just to make me happy or tell me WHAT I want to hear

    [trcgroup] even if this guy says don't plan to come into work on Monday it could mean that it could go tonight also

    [denise] IMO the timing accuracy of these kinds of bank stories is not as important as the fact that not only bankers, but other financial firms are buzzing about this. if it is all stemming from misinfo, it surre encompasses a ton of people. and to what purpose? this is very encouraging news!
    [trcgroup] yeah everyones expecting it Monday but it will surprise us and come tonight lol

    [GJHHonor] right on Denise what would be the purpose of lying about it, pretty serious to tell not to go to work

    [psychicgrama] I talked to my nephew at WF this am...he said they won't be and doing exchanges at the branches, but at unmarked locations, they are using security staff to direct people away who just show up and insist they get served, They have to send them home. He said the suits came back in this am and told them to let everyone go home at closing and wait for the call to return, He said the suits said get some rest because your gonna be real busy soon

    [haycowboy] psychicgrama sounds cool does he have dinar

    [psychicgrama] haycowboy No

    [haycowboy] psychicgrama lady at wf told friend they got memo saying she could not buy

    ONEDOWN] psychicgrama your post makes sense.

    [hotbunny] What I like about recent intell It appears that mostly everyone is pretty much saying the same thing IMHO I will give it until Friday but of course Monday is better



    [KajunRedBull] Good Morning Gang! Intel is in serious hiding this morning!...Tick Tock I hope! LOL I guess our Guy TK is also still out I presume....

    [arizona49] KajunRedBull it is in very serious hiding...

    [KajunRedBull] arizona49 even my sources are staying quiet and No least they claim that! haha But I know they lie! haha

    [oilerfan] Looks like we need a intel jolt of reality wow is it quiet hey

    [KajunRedBull] Sorry...They Know nothing..

    [arizona49] KajunRedBull haha I think they many may be in a position where they can't say anything.....we wait and see

    [arizona49] have looked eveywhere and very quiet.....



    [DiddyKong] Saw abbababy comment on Recaps. For anyone wanting proof on arrest or moving against the "bad guys".... then here you go! the first 30 sec

    [DiddyKong] since this is not the room for this kind of talk, i can tell you to look up RT's Breaking the Set and The Big Picture (hmm that sounds familiar). ALso look up Karen Hudes, Kevin Blanch, and even RON PAUL . All can be found on youtube!

    [DiddyKong] I'm out!


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    September 21, 2013 Intel Empty Freeway Bill thoughts at I4U Forum Saturday PM 09/21/2013

    Post by Admin on Sat Sep 21, 2013 8:45 pm

    Freeway Bill thoughts at I4U Forum Saturday PM



    Fact: The RV is going to happen

    Fact: You are going to be Blessed

    Fact: There are several plants that have been putting out jibberish information about the groups being no longer valid, scaring my friends in Dinarland....


    If you are signed up with a group, then stay there and wait for this to happen. If you don't get the results you want, go to the bank and cash out for the street rate. Simple!

    You will still be holding more money than you thought even existed ..... Ever think that they are putting down the groups for some reason that you just don't know about?

    I have spoken with people from the higher part of the groups and I believe (in my opinion) they are working to help you. Relax, I am!

    When you get your email, take the time to call other banks and see if they will quote you a rate. Then when you go to your appt, see what the group rate is. If it is higher, you win! If it is not, you still WIN!

    It is much too late in this game for greed. While the people that are questioning all of this will be in debate on what to do, Freeway will be cashed out and working on ways to help all of my dinar friends keep their money safe.

    I will be delivering God's Blessing to the masses all over this country... This sounds like a better deal to me.

    Obama was recently just accused of not wanting to sit down with the House about the debt ceiling but spending a lot of time talking to Russia's President.

    You doubters spend all kind of time listening to GURUS and getting upset, but not enough time in the WORD and you just might miss the highest Blessing of all of this... PEACE!


    Freeway Bill

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    September 21, 2013 Intel Empty "In the Coming Weeks" by Mnt.Goat at TNT Forum Sat. PM 09/21/2013

    Post by Admin on Sat Sep 21, 2013 8:46 pm


    Hi Everyone,

    Yesterday the day was bright and the sky sooo blue so I decided to head up the mountains once again. I hiked higher up the Alpine trail than I normally do. I had to leave Meine Kinder below since they could not take the longer walk.

    I missed them since their playfulness and giggling normally gives for good companionship. Today the trail was narrower and the climb steeper than normal. It became at times almost dangerous too. But once I reached the top I could overlook not just my village but actually could see the next village too. I can see very clearly now.

    In today’s news I need to address some more concerns about why the Iraq currency has not yet gone international. I have heard much speculation on Thursday of this week that Iraq announced that their currency went international. Is this really true?

    Some say there were numerous attempts but again they had issues. Since I considered this just a rumor I had to verify with my CBI source. This is what he said – (I do not quote since it was translated)
    [ The announcement in the mosque simply said the currency of Iraq was recognized internationally. It was not communicated that it was revalued internationally. That is correct. Nothing has changed. We (CBI) still wait to announce. ]

    So what is your definition of going international? My CBI contact has told me that the CBI of Iraq will begin the process by posting the new rate on their site.

    This will be followed by rolling the rates out to the exchanges and banks. There is a whole new CBI site that will come up at this time. The auctions will then also end.

    Just prior to the revaluation look for the rate on the CBI site to change drastically to be almost cut in half to something around 500-600. This will be a sign of the proximity of the full revaluation happening. It will then happen very soon after.

    Prior to the go ahead of the revaluation, there are still members in the Iraq parliament who are very cautious. In fact the CBI feels they are overly cautious and if this RV is further delayed it could actually cause more harm than good in the long run.

    Just again last week the same members of parliament stood up with back lash comments that it is too soon and they should wait till 2014.

    However I know for a fact this is not going to be the case to wait till 2014, so relax. What has changed from three weeks ago is that there are all now the signs and signals coming out of the GOI that they fully support the revaluation as soon as possible.

    This is what we have been looking for.

    This is what is needed.

    Remember what has held this up in the past? We all know for a fact that the revaluation was scheduled for June 2012 and again in April 2013. It has been the GOI each time that has held it up. Now whether the GOI is taking directions from the USA or not is another set of questions.

    But Iraq has to announce the new rate on the CBI website to make it formal. They have also showed us recently that they plan to embark on a new 5 year reconstruction plan and the basis of this plan begins with the revaluations of their currency

    So if the CBI wanted to RV at least twice in the past then why do they need all these new initiatives?

    I do not know (as does anyone) just how far they intend to continue in this final setup process for the start of this new 5 year plan but here are just some of their new initiatives that are being implemented in these final steps (see below).

    If you follow the news you can see that they are urgency moving forward and the stalling is over. To me there seems to be new sense of urgency to complete the Strategic Framework Agreement by the end of September for the start of the formal execution of their new 5 year plan in early October.

    1. Infrastructure plan - formalized and voted on months ago but now it is being implemented. It is fully supported by the GOI and the prime minister himself gave a speech on the plan just last Monday.

    2. Capital Flow – Iraq needs avenues and ease of capital flow for this new plan since they can not pay for it entirely on their own. They need investors to come into Iraq and build malls, shopping centers and service oriented businesses. They need some way of screening this new investors.

    3. Just last week the Bank Of Iraq established an office in Europe. We have been hearing that European banks are coming into Iraq but this new development shows that Iraq now has established communication and coordination with the rest of the financial world. This will be needed for the future capital flows of funds to pay for these projects.

    4. Credit Bureau – I can’t say enough about how important this is to Iraq and how Dr Shabibi has been planning for Iraq’s own credit rating process. This too will be needed to screen businesses that want to come into Iraq. Incomers must be able to financially live up to any contract provisions and prove by their past performance this will be the case.

    5. New Banking Law to be Enforced – there is now a new level of urgency to enforce the new banking laws we have been hearing about over the last year. These laws are now effective and being enforced. There are stiff penalties too for not abiding.They will need these laws for the transition and transparency needed between the banks and the financiers.

    6. Many huge, huge projects slotted to begin in 2014. One example is the new housing developments. They increased the 2014 budget 60 times more for housing than allocated in 2013 for housing. How will people pay for these new homes without an increase in the value of their currency? Just like in the USA they must either qualify and take a mortgage or pay in cash prior to the house being erected.

    7. Attempt to qualify for the WTO- this is also enormous since joining the WTO is normally a double edged sword. You can’t get full WTO support unless you qualify and you can’t qualify without getting the support you need to do so. So the IMF has relaxed these standards somewhat and is wrenching up to fully support all efforts Iraq makes for WTO ascension. I suspect they will ascend soonr. This will be a huge step for them.

    8. New Peace Initiative – as many of you know a Peace Plan initiative is also underway. In the long run it is hoped this will address the security issue. Last week some 400 national figure representing all the political blocs actors and components of society and the provinces of Iraq conducted the signing of the terms of that document. This indicates their goals to ensure peaceful coexistence between All components of the Iraqi people and establish a national partnership through a commitment to the Constitution and the law and the adoption of dialogue as the only way to resolve the differences that accompany the political scene.

    I hope everyone understands the points in this post. Knowing that this is still in the hands of Iraq is knowing some of their long term plans as to how they want to roll this out. I listed some of their current initiatives. They are cautious.

    Will they complete all of them and to what extent prior to revaluation? .

    I believe they will take these initiative just as far as they have to in order to feel comfortable and get approval of the majority of their politicians to buy off on pulling the trigger for the revaluation.

    Remember I still stand with my position that we will not see this RV until late September or early October timeframe.

    I have talked about why in more detail in my last 2 posts since they need to align all these other events. I am not concerned about bank stories or messages from Washington contacts as some intel providers suggest.

    I do not understand all the false revaluations and why everyone is being told it is going to RV today or tomorrow. I am not saying it could not RV tomorrow since there is so much uncertainty and anything of course could happen. But lets follow the process and lets get the process correct.

    I do strongly believe this RV process is like a bouncing ball. The ball seems to move from first Iraq then to the USA and now back to Iraq. Seems it’s also just a matter of perception about this bouncing ball since the ball is really always in both courts and will continue until this is done.

    Its just the perception of the urgency at the time as related to the task at hand of each side. When Iraq was busy passing the needed laws our attention was concentrated on this aspect and this is all we knew and expected to the RV once these laws were passed. We did not get the RV.

    Then when the upgrades to the technical side, to make it technically feasible, were underway our attention then shifted to the USA and the Wells Fargo Bank. We thought if they could only fix all the issues that we would see the RV. We did not get the RV.

    Now since this is all completed our attention once again now must shift back to Iraq to see how they finalize these steps. But remember Iraq all along has been working on new laws even while we watched the technical issue get resolved. It just a matter of perspective at the time and what we chose to pay attention to.

    So could they have RV’s in April. We now know they could not have since the technical system was not yet in place to RV 190+ currencies. This is what we think stopped it but in fact was this the only factor?

    The Iraq GOI will continue to tell their citizens the revaluation is just around the corner if not tomorrow or in the “coming days”. Do you now understand that the UST in the USA is doing exactly the same thing to us? and why?

    Remember too today is now days past the midway point in September and early October is just around the corner. How long now can the USA stall this process and keep telling the American public it’s going to RV? Seems the stalling tactics are now also in their hands.

    Hope this helps everyone.

    Peace and Luv to ya,
    mnt goat

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    September 21, 2013 Intel Empty KTFA's Frank26 & Member Thoughts & Opinions 09/21/2013

    Post by Admin on Sat Sep 21, 2013 10:44 pm

    KTFA's Frank26 & Member Thoughts & Opinions


    whatever wrote on September 20th, 2013, 10:03 pm: WOW! Thank so much Frank, I think that, needless to say, hundreds of people calling Banco Popular would no doubt be counter-productive at this time?

    Post By Frank26 » September 21st, 2013, 12:50 am • [Post 219] Of course not.

    As I said in my post ...... These are rare windows that are glitches of download to many institutions around the world. It would certainly not behoove someone to call Banco.

    Aloha Dreams my Beautiful KTFA Family. Because Dreams are the Blueprints to Your Future.

    Aloha nui oi.... :hibye: \m/ KTFA, Frank Latest intel..... Knarf said he thought the Blue Post was cool too
    Post by kaykay3 » September 21st, 2013, 1:39 am • [Post 223] Frank do u think this debt ceiling coming up in about 10 days Oct.1st plays into this time frame? Thanks so much for everything

    Post By another mailman » September 21st, 2013, 7:57 am • [Post 232] kaykay3, I have been thinking the same thing. I think you're right! :hibye: On another note, I remember reading an article in regards to Iraq on September 10th. It said that the Iraqi's would be receiving their Ration Card amount within 15 days. I think it is supposed to be 25k dinar per family. :biggrin: Qi Cards!

    Post by Frank26 » September 21st, 2013, 11:14 am • [Post 274] Kaykay3, All the slices of bread we study with You on Your CCs add up to Good Whole Wheat or ...
    A Good Whole picture of their monetary reform. Too many coincidences .....
    Too many layers of encouraging news right now.
    Stay in constant prayer. KTFA, Frank

    mcdan wrote on September 21st, 2013, 1:12 am: Frank Dinar Le might call to see if He is Driving tomorrow or not.

    Post By Frank26 » September 21st, 2013, 11:07 am • [Post 269] WOW........... You talk of the cab driver I defended on Nov 1st 2008 that brought me into the internet world ......... With a purpose.

    I think he was called LLDinary or something like that. He drove CBI members to their meetings at the UN back then. Wow ..... Thanks for the memories... :hibye: KTFA, Frank

    GatekeeperatHope wrote on September 21st, 2013, 9:13 am: Oh, how I enjoy seeing those blue posts!!! Some people learn by hearing. Some people learn by seeing. I really "get it" when I have both! Thanks for the CC's and for the blue posts, Frank!!! At KTFA, we get it all!!! Blessings and prayers for all today....God's got something good for you today!!! Gatekeeper 👍

    Post By Frank26 » September 21st, 2013, 11:31 am • [Post 286] It took me 3 days to have it ......... Then gave it to You....... As I pray that the internet now .... Get's it. ......... Wink KTFA, Frank........ Got Milk?......

    Post by DAME » September 21st, 2013, 12:29 pm • [Post 302] Loved the BLUE Post Frank. The ISX is preparing to be on NASDEQ . With all that programming it is making the sites crazy due to all the code being driven throughout the market to prepare for this to happen. It would naturally effect the FOREX market as well do to the code flushes across the market. Just an FYI for members if they are unaware of this happening. GO BIG RED!

    Stock Exchange Upgrades to NASDAQ Technology 03 July 2013. Tags: Iraqi Stock Exchange, ISX, NASDAQ

    The NASDAQ OMX Group has entered an agreement with the Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX) to upgrade its current trading platform. Under the terms of the agreement, ISX will replace its existing NASDAQ OMX platform (Horizon) with one powered by the renowned X-stream technology. The upgrade is expected to be rolled out by mid-year 2014.

    “We are committed to becoming one of the most innovative and groundbreaking exchanges, in the Middle East and across the world,” said Taha A. Abdulsalam, CEO, Iraq Stock Exchange. “Upgrading our trading technology and continuing our partnership with NASDAQ OMX is a clear indication to investors, regulators and other exchanges that Iraq will continue to become a financial center for more regional and global businesses.”

    The upgrade to X-stream will provide ISX with a widely deployed high-end, multi-asset trading platform that complies with international standards. The migration to X-stream is a step in ISX’s ambition to become a Middle Eastern hub, able to host and facilitate other regional markets. NASDAQ OMX has delivered trading technology to ISX since 2007.

    “We congratulate the Iraq Stock Exchange on their commitment to a trading platform that is certain to put them at the technology forefront of exchanges in the Middle East,” Lars Ottersgard (pictured), Senior Vice President, Market Technology, NASDAQ OMX. “The upgrade to X-stream technology will equip ISX with a sophisticated and robust trading platform that increases investor involvement both in the Middle East and internationally.”

    In less than a decade, traded shares in ISX increased almost 10-fold, to more than 1.2 billion traded shares expected in 2013, while market capitalization increased more than seven times over the same period to over $12,170 billion USD in the first six months of 2013 alone.

    “We are extremely proud to support ISX’s positive development and their vision to provide a well-recognized marketplace in the region,” said Michèle Carlsson, Head of Business Development, Middle East and Africa, NASDAQ OMX.

    “ISX recently implemented one of the most successful IPOs in the Middle East and by upgrading to our X-stream technology, ISX will be running a resilient market place that will attract both Iraqi and international investors.” (Source: NASDAQ OMX) LINK

    Post By sillytilley » September 21st, 2013, 1:09 pm • [Post 317] Frank I have a question, when Delta was on last he said he would be seeing us in Hawaii at Thanksgiving, do you still feel this is a reachable statement? thank you muffin for all you and your team does

    Post by Bartholomew » September 21st, 2013, 1:50 pm • [Post 323] Good question, Silly. Here's Delta's quote: “NO..... IT WILL HAPPEN BEFORE THANKSGIVING . WE WILL BE ALL IN HAWAII FOR THANKSGIVING.” That would be awesome, wouldn't it?

    Post by seniortour » September 21st, 2013, 2:04 pm • [Post 330] Hi Frank, Does the agreement signed this last week , have anything do to with them all accepting HCL or 140? And putting this FINALLY in place? Thanks, Seniortour

    Post By mcdan » September 21st, 2013, 3:34 pm • [Post 342] Frank if I may ask a question for Monday night. The recipt you spoke of , was there any info as for as Income Tax involved. Thanks anyway if this is out of line.

    Post By JJONESMX » September 20th, 2013, 11:33 pm • [Post 205] IMF: Oil prices likely to drop to $65 pb 18 September 2013 07:57 AM Last update : 18 September 2013 03:25 PM .

    IMF: Oil prices likely to drop to $65 pb .

    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) expected oil prices to range between $65 and $70 from now till 2018, which may cause a huge budget deficit in Kuwait although MPs see that this view is contrary to political reality and the increased global demand due to political conditions.

    The IMF delegation warned that a budget deficit will take place after 2018. LINK


    To Jnaalmizanaat and final account ': Solutions' International Monetary Kuwaiti economic imbalance


    Warned a delegation from the International Monetary Fund said that Kuwait will witness a budget deficit after 2018 that did not address the matter for public expenses.

    The Chairman of the Committee on budgets and final accounts Adnan Abdul Samad after a meeting of the Commission held yesterday with the Fund on the basis of the agreement between the Fund and the State of Kuwait that the meeting dealt with the diagnosis of imbalances in the Kuwaiti economy, adding that the solutions Fund and what we need is a practical mechanism to address the problem, and this did not provide , particularly because we see that the problem is in essence political, not economic.

    Samad pointed out that the Commission vary with the Fund in his views on the future price of oil, where we see more than a perception. «Indicating that the Fund disagreed with us on the equilibrium price in the budget is too big for us, they calculate equilibrium price by adding investment income to the general budget of the equilibrium price of them much less of us.

    Salaries random

    Sources attending the meeting said the fund stressed that the private sector is poised to receive the national labor force.

    She added that the Fund reported that it can not be of Kuwait dependence on oil to the fact that demand for oil will decline in the future, also recommended an increase infrastructure spending and rationalize spending and try to stop or reduce government support for the derivatives of petroleum, in addition to the imposition of taxes on corporate local Kuwaiti as is the case with foreign companies .

    Committee met budgets and final accounts with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) yesterday, who asked to meet budgets and committees of Finance and the legislature, based on an agreement between the Fund and Kuwait.

    Committee Chairman Adnan Abdul Samad said the meeting dealt diagnose imbalances in the Kuwaiti economy, and I think they did not add us something in their information, which is less than the one we have, so we agree on the diagnosis, pointing out that the solutions Fund, and what we need is a practical mechanism to address the problem, This did not provide, and we see that the problem was essentially political, not economic.

    He Samad that country from 2003 to 2013 over the seven parliamentary elections and governments issue than it stages, and was on the «international» that disclose the offending real-taking element of political in the eyes of the problem and treatment, and we told them the need to take that into account, and we told them «I straightened Shadow and lute crooked?! »and the economy is under the policy, if she was made straight, straighten the economy.

    The «Atuona caution and warn that after the year 2018 will receive a budget deficit, that did not address the matter in relation to public expenditure and expectations for the future of oil prices, which Astkhalsou by the analyzes, we disagree with them in perceptions about the future price of oil, they see less and we see more of perception.

    Asked Samad «since 2003 to 2013 km issued a decree budget necessity? He pointed out to me that he passed seven parliamentary elections in the same period, and the 82 final account, approved by the parliament has not ratified by the Prince, and thus is still on the agenda.

    Equilibrium price

    He said: they disagree with us on the price balance the budget, it is too big for us, while they thought that the equilibrium price by adding investment income to the general budget, so the equilibrium price of them less than us, but we Vnstqta investment income and still fit in the ATP equilibrium price,

    so Our top price is what they see and our up to one hundred dollars, we depend on the price of the main component of which oil revenues, and the equilibrium price is the price to be reached revenue to cover expenses.

    On the other hand, commented Abdul Samad to a questionnaire priorities of citizens saying: that the President of the Council received a wage one in the questionnaire as a result of his diligence, and the findings of the questionnaire known,

    but the president wanted to emphasize that the issue of scientific and field proven, noting that with regard to the issue of «the focus of attention »

    I agree with the President of the Council to focus in each parliamentary session on a particular issue« Let housing in the next round is to solve it and see the results in the country.

    He explained that the glory of the questionnaire, but did not come Track and «the success case solutions, not a diagnosis.

    Fund targets

    For his part, MP d. Abdulrahman neighbors who follow the policies of the International Monetary Fund and the Development Fund and financing of projects, he finds that the existing policies, especially after the major transformations the world has seen, can derail the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the noble goals and lofty.

    He noted that the Fund's transition to the administration for the implementation of projects, the major countries, and through the encouragement to borrow from the World Bank,

    with profit-taking debt and tighten their grip on national decision-making, and through the three axes, namely foreign trade and government spending and investment policy, which called on the Fund to devaluation of the national currency,

    and abolish the system of control over foreign exchange, and the abolition of subsidies for goods financing, with a tax increase and distribution of goods and services, which is a constant pressure on the groups least poorer, and this is clear in Iraq, Egypt, Sudan and elsewhere. LINK

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    September 21, 2013 Intel Empty Re: September 21, 2013 Intel

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