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    Investors like you could see huge savings by using this to bring in hundreds or even thousands completely tax-free.

    Avoiding Income Tax... No, Really
    By Jeff Siegel | Saturday, September 21st, 2013
    Jeff Siegel
    Today, we bring you the week's most popular stories from Wealth Daily and our sister site, Energy and Capital.

    Boost Your Trading Profits: A Simple Strategy for a 90% Win Rate
    Looking for a win rate that would make even Warren Buffett jealous? It's easier than you think — so long as you're using this proven trading system.

    Where Do Investors Turn?: Is the U.S. a Democracy or a Republic?
    Was the United States of America set up by the Founding Fathers as a Republic or a Democracy?

    Rocket Fuel IPO: Investing in Artificial Intelligence
    This company is currently growing at an exponential rate, and it has recently filed its Form S-1 with the SEC for an incoming IPO that you aren't going to want to miss.

    America's Top Oil Wells: How to Spot Oil Winners
    The government is calling them "Code 42" wells. We're calling them the best opportunity in U.S. oil production.

    Natural Gas Export Stocks: Buy This Stock Immediately!
    It's now clear that the DOE is fast-tracking LNG export permits. Here are a few ways to profit before the herd comes running...

    New Billionaire Found: He Was Just a Regular Investor...
    Every once in a while, an individual investor who has done exceptionally well is discovered. That's the case with one of the newest American billionaires, Stewart Horejsi.

    If You Could Avoid Income Tax: The Tax Loophole You Should Be Using
    This loophole isn't very well-known, but investors like you could see huge savings by using it to bring in hundreds or even thousands completely tax-free. But don't take my word for it...


    Government terrorizes ordinary Americans.
    Here's how to protect yourself.

    A 60-year-old woman violently handcuffed for speaking out against corporate interests.

    A former U.S. Marine arrested by the FBI for criticizing the government.

    Leaked info shows the NSA blatantly breaking your Fourth Amendment rights.

    Our government is getting out of hand — and in response, we've started a special community to show you how to protect yourself...

    To learn how you can join and stop the invasion of your rights, simply click here.

    Life-Altering Robotic Technology: Early By 150 Years
    The future is closer than you think. This is not science fiction, dear reader... this technology is that life altering.

    Huge Returns from Natural Gas Production: HOW Do They Do It?
    Just a few savvy natural gas producers know how to make huge profits even when gas prices are low, leaving competitors struggling to keep up. Learn how you can join them.

    The Slow Death of the Coal Industry: U.S. Coal Production
    By the end of next year, nearly one-third of West Virginia's 20 coal-fired power plants will be retired... Keith Kohl takes a hard look at the slow collapse of the U.S. coal industry.

    Called It: Dow 19,388: 5 Tech Signals Every Investor Must Know
    Five technical analysis tools patterns every investor must have, which I have written up for your reading pleasure.

    Bigger than Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA): Wearable Technology Investing
    By 2020, attaching a computer to our bodies will be as common as checking the time on our smartphones is today.

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