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    Exchange Guidelines and Thoughts from PeaceWoman at TNT Forum 09/24/2013


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    Exchange Guidelines and Thoughts from PeaceWoman at TNT Forum 09/24/2013 Empty Exchange Guidelines and Thoughts from PeaceWoman at TNT Forum 09/24/2013

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    Exchange Guidelines and Thoughts from PeaceWoman at TNT Forum



    Dear XXXXX If you are reading this message then you are involved in either the IQN (Iraqi Dinar) and/or the VNN (Viet Namese Dong) and as such need to be aware of important information regarding the coming revaluation which is set to occur at any moment.

    If you didn’t believe it before or doubted its validity then believe it now because it is happening. The Global Currency Reset has started and many countries of the world are revaluing their currency especially Iraq (Dinar), Viet Nam (Dong), Indonesia (Rupiah), China (Yuan), Brazil (Real), India (Rupee) and many others. This memo only concerns Iraq and Viet Nam.

    Points to remember:

    As soon as the announcement is released by the banks and there will be four major banks involved, BOA, Chase, Citi and Wells Fargo and many minor satellite banks there will be 800 #s to call where you will need to make a bank appointment to do the exchange. You do NOT want to just walk in and expect a bank to deal with you and give you the best rates.
    For your sake and your security do NOT just walk into a bank. There are bad guys out there that will attempt to rob you of your currency if word leaks out. They know what is coming as it is. So please be careful.

    The banks will ask you for information regarding your currency that you have on hand and will direct you to the appropriate bank to go to of your choice. When you talk to them please ask about what security measures that will be provided for your safety. You must be very careful in this regard.

    When you do go to the bank and this is very, very important you will use the following dialogue

    I want to do a Currency Exchange for my IQN and/or VNN.

    Do not at any time refer to your currency as either Iraqi Dinar also referred to as IQD or Viet Namese Dong VND or say you want to do a cash out. You can say I want to do a currency exchange for my IQN Iraqi currency or VNN Viet Namese Currency.

    The banks are making money on how much they will give you in an exchange so they will try to under value the exchange but if you know what the ceiling rate is then you will know what to expect and insist on. I will let you know what that rate is. The ceiling rate means it’s the most they can offer.

    Remember that if you say IQD or Iraqi Dinar those words will trigger a different exchange category representing the old currency instead of the new currency which is also called Dinar but is referred to on the NASDAQ and the rest of the financial world as IQN. If you need to please write this sentence down to take with you to the bank so you can remember.

    I want to do a Currency Exchange for my IQN Iraqi Dinar currency and/or VNN Viet Namese currency.

    For those of you with large amounts of currency I would advise taking a small amount like a note or two to the bank. Set up your accounts and then make an appointment to come back later with the rest after you have set up the security measures for your safety.
    You have thirty days to get this taken care of with the banks. If you don’t you risk losing everything.

    Regarding your bank accounts and this is very, very important:

    For reasons that are too complex to go into here I am advising that if you have both currencies that you establish separate bank accounts for either. The main reason for this is that taxation will be different for both. For the IQN which will be Treasury backed it will be very necessary NOT to mingle with Federal Reserve Money which is what the VNN will be when it is exchanged.

    The IQN will have a different tax rate unknown at this time but the VNN will be taxed normally and as such you can not put any USD money in that IQN exchanged currency account but most importantly put aside 50% of your money for taxes for both the !QN and VNN accounts. You do not want to default on paying Uncle Sam. It will haunt you the rest of your life and it could mean prison time.

    When you do have your money safely in the bank then I advise seeking a good reputable team of lawyers, CPA, wealth managers etc.

    One final note and this is the most important of all:

    It is estimated that there will be 4 million previously broke new millionaires in this country and within two years 80% of them will be broke again. Why? Because they will be the ones running up the street screaming as if their hair is on fire shouting “I’m rich, I’m rich and buying everything under the sun and foolishly spending down their wealth.

    Be smart, be prudent don’t be one of the 80%

    Some of you will be very very wealthy and the first inclination will be to spend, spend, spend. I strongly do not advise doing this. If people know you are now filthy rich or very rich then you will be inundated by people asking for money especially charity organizations. But what really scares me is that if people know how wealthy you have become then you are also vulnerable especially if you have children, grandchildren or other loved relatives.

    Abduction is a very real thing in this world and there is no one that would pay millions to get their loved ones back. Be prudent and don’t broadcast by bragging to the world that you are now in a different place financially.

    Have a good story to account for the new car or truck or move to a rich neighborhood where it is expected that you would have a fancy car or truck. Don’t raise eyebrows with wonder and suspicion because rumor spreads when you are now driving a Bentley or BMZ or draped in Gold and diamonds it would be very foolish and it could spread to desperate elements and they are everywhere and they will come after you. So please be careful.

    We are about to be given a tremendous blessing and the opportunity to help those less fortunate, to help change the world in some way. That I believe is part of our tithing, our giving back to God our God- given gift. It is our chance to take care of ourselves by providing and ensuring our futures and to make a difference in the world.

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