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    Tightening the Ranks 9/27/13


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    Tightening the Ranks 9/27/13 Empty Tightening the Ranks 9/27/13

    Post by Admin on Sat Sep 28, 2013 10:24 am

    Tightening the Ranks

    On Tuesday when I came in to work the Lord had put on my heart to have a conversation with someone and say 'my private life is my private life, I don't want it shared with people who would use it to harm or as a weapon against me.' You see, I had some situations occur where this had happened and I felt God was saying 'this won't be tolerated.'

    As I came in to start my day I turned on my computer to find a Facebook message from my friend, Deborah, in Alaska. She was basically saying that Facebook had changed some settings and now everything she shared with close friends and family could be read by everyone, if we didn't make changes to our account. She said she wanted her private life to stay private and only be shared with those who loved her and who she loved.

    As I read this I knew it was God confirming what he had told me and I knew something else, I felt it in my spirit. God was tightening the ranks.

    God is pulling people in a little tighter, to Himself, and to those he has called to walk with them in their calling and destiny. I have been sharing with you lately how I feel the best place to be right now is worshipping God, literally hidden in his presence. I believe that is where he wants us. It is vital we hear directly from God in this hour, vital.

    As you know, Jesus had many followers, but he only had 12 disciples. Those twelve were his inner circle. They were let in on things that the others were not. Why? Because Jesus knew their heart and trusted them with his knowledge, insight and wisdom. He trusted them with His gifts. They even asked him why he spoke in parables to the other followers and he replied 'it is not for them to know.' The scripture says it this way; "The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven has been given to you, but not to them. (Matthew 13:11) Friends, there are some things that are not for 'them to know' these things need to be kept in your inner circle. It is a time to guard yourself and be alert - the enemy would want you to have people and situations in your life that shouldn't be there, but God does not. It is a time to use wisdom in these areas.

    I remember hearing a woman preach years ago and she said 'you don't want just anyone in the delivery room with you; you choose wisely who goes in there with you.' I feel we are in such a place today.

    God is tightening the ranks today. He is perfecting all things that concern his people - he is moving things out that are not of him and he is bringing in things that are of him. Be aware of this season and what he is doing.

    When things tighten up you may feel a squeeze but its okay - it is causing all things to work for the good of those who are called according to his purpose.

    I am excited about what God is doing, while parts of it have not been pleasant, I am seeing God's hand in it and I am seeing him move things out of my life that would bring harm.

    I am also seeing him work in me in a deeper way to bring peace and stability in the midst of the storm. The things he is showing me in these times are awesome and they are causing me to hunger for more and more of him.

    Perhaps today you are feeling a tightening of the ranks in your life, if so; know that it is a good thing. I have many acquaintances. I have many 'friends' but I have precious few 'GOD sent people' in my life - those are my inner circle and those are the ones I am safe with and those I trust with what God is doing in my life these days.

    Today, allow God to perfect all things that concern you. That word 'perfect' means he will move out what is not of him and bring forth what is of him. I love that. God, do it today, perfect all things that concern me! That is my prayer, how about you?

    Be Continually Blessed,

    Kim Potter

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