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    October 1, 2013


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    October 1, 2013 Empty October 1, 2013

    Post by Admin on Tue Oct 01, 2013 6:59 pm

    This post contains the information released today from our Dinar Gurus. The countdown begins now in 10, 9, 8,....

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    October 1, 2013 Empty The plan that activates the main plan - Tuesday morning Bluwolf post 10/01/2013

    Post by Admin on Tue Oct 01, 2013 7:10 pm

    The plan that activates the main plan - Tuesday morning Bluwolf post


    The plan that activates the main plan

    Well I am not going to go into politics but the main plan just might come forth if the players stick to there scripts, but see that is to be seen for till this moment they have been known to coward down and do something different to spoil things for humanity as a whole. Hey whoever lets just get this rv out, stop being a jerk you will feel better about yourself.

    Meanwhile the soap opera has till the hour of 12am to reach its fin (end), if so we may see action with our rv.

    Remember those people with vouchers in Panama, well they figure and went to try to get cashed out this past Friday and they all got snagged, good thank you Lord. Now it has come to my attention that there is someone saying that if we negotiate for a higher rate that we will be paying a lot more taxes for this. Listen up that is not true at all, I figure that whoever is saying this has a scheme of some sort and you can tell by the timing, exactly one week before you receive your blessings, now you can do what you wish to exchange but do not let a certain few fool you out of getting the best of this exchange. There is no law that has been made or put in place that attacks this dinar issue and if so it would project the worlds biggest class action law suit on a specific and targeted currency, a winner by far.

    Remember there is a big difference between a bank buying off your dinars and 4 other banks exchanging your dinar, the value is much higher, see folks this is why mr.whoever wants you to believe that high tax bs he wants to fool you to think that all the exchanges will be at the same money value, I do not think so and neither should you. All world banks will be online simultaneously on October 2, the banks are ready, the walkin rates still showing high.

    I want to wish all, the highest of prosperities from that point on. Well by this time in this same post we now have a shutdown affecting all the good folks in America, the plan is fulfill at this point in time now let us see how they fill the rv blanks.

    Be wise, Happy Journeys and God bless.


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    October 1, 2013 Empty Fw: MNT GOAT UPDATE, 10-1-2013

    Post by Admin on Tue Oct 01, 2013 7:50 pm

    MNT GOAT UPDATE, 10-1-2013

    Hi Everyone,

    I am so excited today in the anticipation of what comes tomorrow. We are taking the family to the Oktoberfest in Munich. The weather is expected to be warm, clear with blue skies. It will be a long, busy day but it only comes once a year in Germany.

    Our business of today
    It’s Tuesday already October 1st and so where is our activation of the rates at the bank? I will attempt to give you now an update from what I know in this matter. I know some of you will not agree with me, however just go look back at my past posts and reread them. Most of the info has been spot on. Of course as we all know this process is very dynamic and the situation can change in seconds.

    Right now I have been watching and listening to the ongoing US deficit battle on the news stations. I have to tell you I see some monkey business going on once again. I know for a fact that this matter is already resolved and so why are they playing this game for the public audience. Remember that nothing anymore happens by coincidence and so we see this too playing out in front of us as we watch the game. What is the game I am referring to?

    As I said in my last post that the deficit issue is no longer a concern. They are just using this issue as a political football, tossing it around and each side trying to score points. That is all. It is drama for the people as we all sit in the stadium watching. What will be the outcome? As I said this is not a concern nor will it be a concern. So the outcome is and has been already determined. They will shut down the government (already done) and then push it to the extent where the recent extension is almost expired and then they will announce a compromise. Will this surprise you? Remember what I said about the fear factor and how they want to keep us all in that constant state of fear….here ya go once again. They are proving who is boss. Does this tactic sound familiar? Is this not what Maliki used to do in Iraq too when he does not get what he wants? What would always follow?

    How does this relate to the activation of the rates?
    To answer this question we first must look at why they are using this event of the debt ceiling issue. These are only events. Like the clock ticking from a football game score board being carried out. If you can remember back to the Clinton presidency he did exactly the same thing. This is a repeat of that scenario (from the football game playbook) almost down to the last minutes of the game. They will get to the 10 yard line. What are they going to do? First they keep extending the deficit spending and each year making it yet an issue each year. kind of like making slow carries of the ball yard by yard slowly up the field. So we know they will either punt the ball or try to score a touchdown once they get close enough.

    This year it will be used to rollout the funds (post RV) to pay off a chunk of the national debt thus less interest to pay on that borrowed money thus a surplus will magically appear out of thin air. They will end the game with a touchdown. Just like they did in the 90’s with the Kuwait dinar revaluation. The democrats are heroes once again and they win the game. So my sources are telling me that this drama will continue right up until the deadline of when the current extension for deficit spending ends (about early/mid October) and then we will see the RV and thus the reserve funds will be released to pay off part of part of the national debt. This is why you should now understand the reason why I have been saying later September early October for RV. I could not tell you this story then but had to wait to see to determine if they were going to use this event or not. Remember I did say there were events I could not yet talk about back in prior posts. Well now is the time to share with you. Everything else is set to go for the activation.

    What comes next?
    After the revaluation of the Iraq dinar we all can do the math and easily see how the entire national debt of the USA can be paid off. Imagine what prosperity this could bring to your country. Imagine the taxes and revenue received each year going towards worthwhile projects (like roads, bridge repair, education, mass transportation systems, healthcare, etc.). These items can assist and provide real benefits to society (the tax payers) instead of filling the pockets of the rich with the money paid on the interest to borrow yet more debt. Does this seem weird to you that you pay so much taxes yet get so little benefit? Why don’t you have more say as to where your money is spent?

    But this will not happen since they must keep the USA in constant debt. They must keep you in constant debt. The very rich in reality decide how to spend the revenues from your government. They throw perks out at you like giving candy to a baby so you won’t cry so much. Remember who is collecting the interest from the debt. Did you read The Creature from Jekyll Island : A Second Look at the Federal Reserve? If you have then you know exactly what I am talking about and why this debt issue is so important. The struggle actually is not really about whether or not to raise the debt ceiling once again. The real struggle is can they be forced to pay off the national debt in its entirety thus shut down all the interest payments once and for all. This money can then be diverted to truly help society. Can they shut down these wealthy bankers who control you country? Will this ever happen or will they use most of this money from the revaluation as yet another slush fund?

    Their Plans for post RV.
    You may not agree and definitely will not like what I have to say but it is the truth. Once the deficit issue is down to the wire (about mid October) they will compromise and extend the borrowing once again as then have in the past. Then the triggering of the GCR or global currency reset and announcements will happen. Many events in Iraq will take place celebrating. Many of the long awaited bills will be announced too. Maliki will be gone. The issue with Syria will be put on the back burner but they will remind all of us it is not yet settled since this will raise its ugly head again.

    Soon the news in the USA will come out telling of the surplus. Democrats are heroes once again. But be aware of what they are really talking about. They are talking about not having to spend so much of the annual revenues (from the taxes, tariffs, etc) on interest to borrow funds each month to pay the bills. That is all. All will seem fine and happy once again. Much of the overall national debt will not be impacted. This problem will still linger. Everyone will go on with their lives and the remainder of the president Obama’s term will continue and will be relatively uneventful.

    Once the revaluation happens and the US begins using the oil credits in Iraq you can see really high prices for crude oil as a result. This is the time when they talk about $150-200 a barrel for oil. It will become in the best interest of the US to support higher prices too. The US will essentially be the broker for the oil. Any worldly events that can also support the higher prices of oil will be enforced at this time. Hint- more trouble in Syria. This is also why there is a plan to drill more oil within the US borders and to process the shale oil extraction thus energy independence from foreign oil. The US consumer must be buffered from these higher prices if this plan is to succeed.

    Hopes this helps.

    Peace and Luv to ya,
    mnt goat

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    October 1, 2013 Empty Tony TNT Blast 10/01/2013

    Post by Admin on Wed Oct 02, 2013 8:52 pm

    TNTdinar Update Tuesday Evening

    TNT TONY - This is what I told you guys early this morning:

    Guys I wanted to spare you the crazy ride I was on today, so I waited to the very end and then some.

    I was told several times today that it was on and then several times that it has been delayed until morning. Bank personnel were sent home at about 6pm est and were told to be on standby to return.
    About 9pm they were told to be prepared to come in at 7am and to be ready to work on currency exchange. I know that there were several meetings and that a lot of money changed hands today, to come to an agreement.

    We can continue to look for the RV either tommorrow or Wednesday. Everything is in place to do this tomorrow, but we shall see.

    It doesn't look like much has changed, but the entire situation has changed.

    Every single source that I talked to today said that they received the same information.....

    The RV was finalized at 11pm last night. Bankers came in at 7am and they were told that the rates were live and that the currency exchange would start when the doors opened, (we can see that didn't happen).

    They then were instructed that the time had been moved to after 3pm est, that didn't happen and now we are being told look for it tomorrow.

    Now, while this may sound like bad news to you, or that they have just been given the run around all day, I don't look at it that way.

    I look at it like this......RV finalized....(a lot of money was paid last night to make this happen)......Final Rates agreed to.....

    The rate in the meeting is the same rate that is now showing on multiple banks screens across the country.....without a hold placed on it.

    The final piece to the puzzle is that the UN requested a 24 hr hold before making it public. This was to see the reaction of the markets and the global economy to the shut down of the U.S. government. Now we wait............TNT TONY


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    October 1, 2013 Empty Tuesday Afternoon Rumors and Opinions in Dinarland 10/01/2013

    Post by Admin on Wed Oct 02, 2013 8:53 pm

    Tuesday Afternoon Rumors and Opinions in Dinarland



    [sunshine8] people>>>>>please re read Tony 's blast...He said may be today..or tomorrow...And today is NOT over yet and tomorrow is not even started..So be positive..have faiths..We are going to get the best ..biggest blessing once >>life time soon RV PRAY PRAY (((((((((grouphug) )))))))

    [Chevah57] Sometimes in life dreams are hard to follow, like that climb. You don't know how high you're going or even if you're moving, but every step, even when you can't see what's behind you, will take you closer to your goals. It's in the climb. I know you may be struggling right now, but you're in the climb; things may be hard right now, but you're in the climb; people may not believe in you, but it's part of the climb.

    They may take shots at you, but stay in the climb; you may have to stand alone, but you're in the climb. Even if you're not where you want to be right now, I want to say to you what she said to me, "This is the best part, now turn around." Look how far you've come. God has not brought you this far to leave you. Stay in the climb. So thankful for all of you. Be well. CLIMB!
    (highhopes)Please Do Not call banks and bother them...I was just in the branch and chatting to a teller I knew!! I was at my local WF Branch about half an hour ago…doing family banking. I have chatted with this same foreign currency teller several times and she has ordered VND for me a couple times…When my transaction was done I casually asked if she saw IQN on her screens today…

    She didn’t even look..She said funny you mentioned that…We are not exchanging it yet but We were told to expect this to happen at any time….I then asked about VND and she said they couldnt get any right now..maybe in a few weeks but several people were asking about Zimbabwe currency this morning……

    Needless to say….I was very excited to have a first hand confirmation that YES ..some tellers are aware of the upcoming RV.. and YES….its SOON!!

    She didn’t act like it was any big deal so I am sure she is not aware how big this is going to be….but it made my day!!

    Also At this same branch about 6 months ago I was speaking with the manager who told me that herself and two tellers just got back from Bxxxxxxxxx and were specially trained to exchange all foreign currencies that Wells Fargo deals with and 2 of the ones they were trained on using black lights and special security features in the currency were IQD and VND...

    Since this personally happened to me today...i am more then cautiously optimistic that we will see this VERY SOON


    [psychicgrama] crazy but interesting conversation with WF international teller on phone, I called to ask about price on zim, and dong. She then said "you aren't going to ask me about Dinar too are you?" I said no, why do you ask? She said we get about 500 calls a day about a supposed revalue. Its NOT true! This rumor comes around every day, and and It just isnt true! I said just because they haven't told YOU doesnt mean its not true! she got a little huffy, and said I have been working here for 8 years, and I have heard this rumor everyday since I started here! I asked her if she could just give me the price on zim and she said hold on and then we got disco'd. Wow , talk about testy

    [Lake Lady] Your thoughts are magnetic. Thought + Faith = Creates Your thoughts of today are your reality of tomorrow. Your thoughts are the only thing you can call your own. Be aware of your thoguhts. The Word is like a thought on steroids. If gives thought more power. In the beginning was The Word... be aware of what you speak aloud. Let us create the reality for ourselves, our country and our world. Together our positive thoughts and positive words will manifest into the reality we all desire.

    YsoSerious: Last week I saw on wells fargo currency exchange website, that they do not and will not accept the IQD/IQN. I was wondering if others have seen the same, and what your thoughts are. Its still their, but cant place the link right now, due to learning how to use this Sorry

    LifeBPerfect: My best guess is multifold.

    One they are tired of inquiries from Dinarians ... so this might help deal with all the calls they have been receiving.

    Two that is probably true. They are not going to handle it on line.

    Three it will be done by special arrangements by calling the 800#s.

    Four they can't tell their employees of the income potential ... or no one would be there to do your currency exchange.

    Relax ... enjoy ... the sweet spot where you are. LifeBPerfect


    KMAN] From Poof/Zap on Sunday: The Fat Lady has entered side stage - mic in hand - and the band is queued up, rehearsing "The Party’s Over". The final sound-check has begun, and it's been awhile since she hit a "High C". Stay tuned; our "party” is about to begin. Now read this clearly, "HIGH C" that is a $100 note. The 8th? Wonder if there is any relation? l̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ιοο̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]



    [TexasRoadDawg] "Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not. " ― Pablo Picasso

    [leevan2] Dorya40 .. Did the whales cash out today for sure?

    [Dorya40] Thunderheart When Pres. Cllinton signed the papers to release the RV . . . the next day everyone were millionaires. . . Pres. Obama signed for the RV Thursday and yesterday the Big Whales were millionaires. . . . dollareyes

    [Thunderheart] the whales have been geting their skr's for weeks now. Us guupy's that really NEED the money have to wait. Sad

    [Dorya40] leevan2 The Whales went to the bank yesterday Monday and Las Vegas also

    [NunyaBiness] leevan2 Dorya40 where are yall getting that info on whales?

    [Dorya40] NunyaBiness was doing research all day yesterday . . . the banks were extremely busy yesterday with all the Whales . . . .the RV was to be announced last night. They put it off until today.

    [Thunderheart] Dorya40 awesome. just curious where you got this intel.

    [katnapper] Dorya40 hmmm When today?

    [Dorya40] katnapper suppose to have been this morning . . .

    [hxxxxxxxx] Last night 30m reported he had 8 out of 9 saying by Wed and then this morning reported it could go out as far as Thurs.I hope I quoted him correctly. His reports came in about 12:30 and then again sometime before 3 and I fell asleep



    pastorpatch wrote on October 1st, 2013, :Hey family, I haven't been posting much but thought this was interesting, I was just in our local Huntington bank and I am familiar with the tellers so I went to the "teller boss", cashed a check and asked her if they would exchang the Iraq dinar.......and she said........"Not Yet" I asked her to make sure so she looked it up and said again, "Not Yet", sounds like something is up to me



    BOBGETZ6] Hopefully, Shasta7 is asleep by now having hopefully and finally getting his pain meds. He fractured the calcaneus bone, the heel, in the form of a "Y." The frracture is in three parts basically and they are larger parts, but have to be repositioned with pins, plates and screws. This is a very delicate surgery and will require a specialist. There will be much swelling and prolonged pain. He is thankful for all of the prayers, well wishes, and the former 3S mod Skype squad for the cookie baking intent. I should have further later.

    [BOBGETZ6] On another note and I don't know if it has been addressed, but some are thinking that the government shutdown might be a cover for the rv. If so, it would be co-incidental if comparing it to the Kuwaiti RI. The government shut down during that period was from 10-5 to 10-9, 1990. The Kuwati RI was 5 months and 20 days later than the shutdown. It occured on 3-25-91. For the gurus or others trying to say they are the same, NOT.

    [timo] good point

    [BOBGETZ6] If it should occur during the shut down, neat planning.



    [beach] 10-1-2013 Frank26 I Team heard a MOF minister comment to a CBI official that they would like to pay the remaining 10 billion to Kuwait on Oct 1; Iraq already paid 1 billion to Kuwait on July 1; why is that important? Historically, the CBI pays on the 1st of quarters – July 1st, and now Oct 1st begins a new quarter; the UNSC wants to see Kuwait paid. one last report from I Team, if Iraq makes the payment to Kuwait, they will allow Iraq to announce the revaluation of their currency. Then they can enter Ch6. If we see an announcement tomorrow, we may expect an RD (Oct 1), followed immediately by an RI (Oct 2), which is why WF is saying exchange on Oct 2. watching this hour by hour.

    [arizona49] superdj567 hour to hour.....WF saying exchange 10/2 from Frank 26

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