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    Good things you deserve 10/15/13


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    Good things you deserve 10/15/13 Empty Good things you deserve 10/15/13

    Post by Admin on Sat Oct 19, 2013 12:49 am

    ImageGood things you deserve

    Living richly isn’t just for someone else. You deserve a life that’s filled with richness and joy, and you deserve to be the person who makes it happen.

    Good fortune isn’t just for someone else. You deserve to have good fortune, and you deserve the experience of creating that good fortune with your attitude and your efforts.

    You deserve to have a lucky break. So get busy and do what it takes to give yourself one.

    Let today be the day you stop waiting for something good to come along. Get up, get going, and make something good, valuable and meaningful out of what you already have.

    Go ahead and give yourself all the good things you deserve. Feel how great it feels to be positive, focused, helpful, compassionate, caring, productive and joyful.

    You deserve the best in life precisely because you’re fully capable of making it happen. Your opportunity to live richly is here and now, so put it to outstanding use without another moment’s delay.

    — Ralph Marston

    May All Have a Safe and Blessed Day

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