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    Post RV Suggestions from Bounteous Blessings at Recaps 10/17/13


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    Post RV Suggestions from Bounteous Blessings at Recaps 10/17/13 Empty Post RV Suggestions from Bounteous Blessings at Recaps 10/17/13

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    Post RV Suggestions from Bounteous Blessings at Recaps


    Bounteous Blessings : Post RV List

    1. Before you call to make your SPECIAL 800 or 888# appointment get a no contract, no personal info Trace fone, ($19.95)( with 10 minutes already on it and Walmart will activate it for you.)

    Throw it away after making these calls and get another no contract, no info phone...disable the GPS and make sure it has a verizon or at&t sim card so you can get better reception.
    2. Give the appointment operator only part of your name and initials such as Mark A. Z. or R. E. Smith. Then give them a zip code close to where I want to do my currency exchange, and the amount of dinar you have (they will need to know so they can give you the right amount of time for your appointment.If they ask for an email address, give them a hushmail address (or another privacy email) that is not connected to you, it's free and in 3 weeks it will drop off if you don't sign into it. And if you use startpage web search (or another search engine that doesnt show your IP address)...before you get on hushmail or any dinar sites, then they can't track it back to you.

    3. Check that you have 2 forms of government ID and a picture ID. Your currency in a nice shoulder bag or brief case, (receipts may not be needed) And don't expect to beable to get a lot of cash when your done.

    4. Be EARLY for my appointment. Arrive in a rental car, so no one can track it.

    5. Tell the banker I'm here for my appointment, and remember to say "To exchange my IQN and VNN" if you have Viet Dong. If you say dinar or IQD you could end up with a lot less money. Only sign papers that say that this is a currency exchange not an investment!!

    6. Ask the banker for 20 or more Clean and Clear Certificates, with all of them signed by him and dated. You'll need them whenever you do a $499,000 or less wire transfer. If you wire $500,000 or more it could get frozen by the Feds.

    7. They may have time to get you some cashiers checks for different amounts all under $10,000, such as $9,990. Whenever you withdraw $10,000 or more there is a government form that tells the Feds what your doing. There will be times when you are making a large purchase and it can't be avoided.

    8. When I gift someone some money I'm going to do it twice, such as $7,000 the first time and $7,000 the second time. This will total $14,000 which is the limit to give a gift of money tax free. Without having to go over the red flag $10,000 amount.

    9. Make sure that different currencies are not mixed into one account. Such as the Federal Reserve Notes we have now and the new US Treasury notes. If they are mixed even with interest going in, you will contaminate your asset back currency and it will ALL be considered Federal Reserve Notes. When the dollar devalues your account would devalue at the same time. Not cool.

    10. Set up a new checking account Non interest Bearing, and have your money SWEPT from the 1st account to the 2nd account, then close the 1st account. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO DO IMMEDIATELY, TO PROTECT YOUR MONEY!!!

    11. NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR HOME ADDRESS EVER AGAIN, instead get a UPS mailbox store address, have one address for your old mail and one address for your new TRUST so that it is separated from you. Don't use anything you've used before in the name of your new Trust and LLC's.

    12. Get a passport, so you can use it instead of your drivers license for ID because it doesn't have an address on it.

    13. Get out of debt!!! And Get the county to change your name to "property owner" on the tax records.

    14. Watch on youtube type in Asset Protection 2012 update, it's an hour long, but you will learn what most attorneys don't know about asset protection, because our legal system wants to generate law suits. This easy to understand info...prevents law suits!!! Then when you talk to attorneys... find one that will help you set up your LLC's Limited Partnerships and Trusts so you become bullet proof. Have your attorney get your LLC's and an International Trust set up ASAP. Because international trust are the safest!!! Alaska LLC's are the best, because you can have your attorney as the registered agent and that keeps you invisible!!!

    15. With your new EIN trust number transfer your money into your new Trust account, it can also be a Multi-Currency Account.

    16. Have a mother lode account set up so that only you (in person) with a special pass word and pass code, can make withdrawals. The pass words are for only your wealth manager and yourself to know.

    17. Have your account tagged "Non Training Account" and learn about CEDARS and be sure to have your bank set up at least one Multi-Currency Account for you ASAP. This will help protect your money when the dollar devalues.

    18. Get or and get your info off the internet ASAP!! Even if you don't use the internet your info is there. Please get off of all social networks like facebook.

    19. Buy SILVER

    20. Get rid of your old computer, or take it off line .

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