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    September 27, 2013


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    September 27, 2013 Empty September 27, 2013

    Post by Admin on Sat Sep 28, 2013 10:08 am

    This post contains the information received from our Dinar Gurus

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    September 27, 2013 Empty TONY UPDATE , TNTDINAR, 9-27-2013, EARLY FRIDAY MORNING

    Post by Admin on Sat Sep 28, 2013 10:14 am


    Is anybody still up? After you read this, go to bed. You cannot cashout until the banks open.

    I know this was a long day for you, because it was a long day for me. After getting the information that the RV was finally signed off late yesterday evening and that all systems were go, I figured we had cleared the way. I found out how the rates were being loaded one region at a time, with new security features in place. This was exciting because I was getting confirmation as it was taking place. Then I talked to my banking contacts and they told me they were to report to their stations at about 7am est. They were told that the RV would be today.

    They reported and waited all day, they could see the rates and they have been moved to the teller screens. Everything is in place and the problem today had to do with the 800#s. They were told 3 times today that the RV was going to be released. As of 5pm pst I know that they were still trying to solve the problem and that the release is scheduled to be either tonight or first thing in the morning.

    I have been informed that once again, some highly intelligent people have said that the RV wouldn't take place until mid Oct, 2014 and now even 2016. All I can say is boy are they in for a surprise. I have confirmed from people in Iraq and people in D.C., that payouts did in fact start in Iraq today and that contractors were exchanging for $25+.

    Don't worry, your turn is coming and you should have the best weekend of your life. If you don't wake up to this, I will have a timeline for you when I do the call. I will also explain the problem to you (let's hope it's not there in the morning).

    Go to bed, relax, you were almost rich today and have a 99.9% chance of being rich tomorrow.



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    September 27, 2013 Empty Friday Morning Dinar Chatter 09/27/2013

    Post by Admin on Sat Sep 28, 2013 10:15 am

    Friday Morning Dinar Chatter



    Please Do Not Call or Go to the Banks Until Rates are Live for Us..Thank You




    [willbilly] Well , I will tell you this my best friend is involved in a transaction that is tied to this global reset and he called last night and said he got the call from his federal reserve coordinator to authorize release of funds for Monday at 2pm. They always told him the reset would have to be released for a day first.

    [burk50] Heard several on calls that Today's the Day wahoooooo they have great intel also ,Go Tony
    [flman]I'm at a private wealth managent place its seperate than the banks. No lines. Tony talked about that over a year ago. And I went and got all set up

    [honorfirst] flman you got set up? Do you mean your wealth manager knows about the IQN?

    [flman] Honor yes and they are invested.

    [dinardizzy] flman I'm a lurker. Saw your post. What do you mean by a "private wealth management" place? And what have they set up for you? Thank you!

    [flman] Dinar dizzy, when you get into private wealth mangement with the banks your first few meetings are maybe at the branch. Once you open accounts and get ball rolling they have offices that do not look like banks. But are there for you..they even come to you if need be.

    .[Dee827] halagan41 according to tony there shouldn't be any hold ups today is the day


    [cruiser] 800# is just another excuse as to why it has not happened. Look at the obvious. what only shuts down over the weekend and has to reset it self. Then you will see what is really going on.

    [lizardlips] Already Blessed , I've got it the Lady that was ready to sing sat on the switch board, fell and smashed the head set... While falling she was gargling lemon juice and it shorted out the switchboard... the 800 #'s were garbled.

    [Already Blessed] lizardlips THERE YOU HAVE IT...NOW WE KNOW?

    [mclarenr8] Im a "glass half full" type of guy so with Tony saying 99.9% i am actually camping on the moon right now lol

    [joannc1] Goooood morning TNT! Just a thought about the 800#s: Perhaps since they need to be high capacity lines with multiple roll over lines they want to be sure they all work because we all know that if some people can't get through because they're not working properly theres a good chance that folks will just show up at the banks demanding to be exchanged. That's all I can think of as to why they'd hold this up JMO of course ; ) Lets try to be greatful that we know what we do !!

    [cas] Whatcha think cruiser

    [cruiser] cas something occurs every weekend, that has to happen to complete the cycle and tie everything together..

    [cruiser] Who remembers back in 2011, when the debt ceiling was constant talk? The markets were reacting everyday to every word. 2 years later and the markets could care less. Seems to me, that they have learned.

    [daz] its gonna happen....they're gonna do it......the rates are gonna be great....its gonna be the best thing to ever happen to any of us...its gonna be AWESOME!

    [truthseekr] What would you do if you weren't a part of this blessed event? Would you complain about how unfair life is or perhaps why great opportunities never come your way? What are you doing now that you know about AND are a part of this blessed event?

    Are you being joyful and thankful or are you complaining about why it’s not yet here? Thankfulness brings a blessing closer. Unthankfulness can delay it. Something to think about.

    Today is a day for thanksgiving. If more people would focus on the wonderful things they already have, there would be less time to think about what is missing or lacking. Be blessed.



    BOBGETZ6] Good Morning MIG! As I said late last night, there is a lot of hype as well as more smoke than I have seen in this investment. Where there is that much smoke, there must be some kind of fire somewhere. I don't see nor have I heard of any flames being seen. However, we ought to see some flames by this weekend if anybody is correct. I refuse to get all hyped up about it because I have ridden that horse a lot. It feels and sounds good, but unless there is en email and 800# as well as an appointment made, there is no change for me.

    [BOBGETZ6] I had a long chat, about 10:30 CST with someone I know and trust. He feels as if this could happen anytime but more likely over the weekend if it is to happen.

    [BOBGETZ6] My real excitement will be the deposit slip and on the plane to see my attorney to finish up what we started.

    [freedom13] did you people see IRAQ AIRWAYS starting oct wll be flying to most countries in the world this is big

    [.BJ] freedom13 gm and that's sounds good also, just maybe things are coming our way.



    [beach] hummingbird did you read my bank story

    [beach] it is very simple a friend of mine that has dinar called bank american to talk to some one so they did she ask if they were ready for to exchange the dinar & dong and she said you much have some to my friend she said yes . bank lady said YES we are waiting on it to RV but we are ready for you. we can't see it on our screen but it is ready that my story and i am sticking to it.

    [beach] then tk said last night [terryk] if what tony is saying is true and my sources line up with the timing , rates different but it's all geared for this weekend.

    [airam] PPl could this be finally our weekend ??

    [hopeful2&2] airam wave i hope so


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    September 27, 2013 Empty KTFA's Frank26 & Member's Thoughts & Opinions 09/27/2013

    Post by Admin on Sat Sep 28, 2013 10:16 am

    KTFA's Frank26 & Member's Thoughts & Opinions


    Post By dukecromom15 » Thu Sep 26, 2013 6:40 pm • [Post 298] Frank, no disrespect but if you have the report that means you have verified it and found it to be why wait 4 days to tell us what was found by the team?

    Post By Frank26 » September 26th, 2013, 9:28 pm • [Post 53] None taken nor felt Dear Friend. You are always Kind and Polite........ Answer:

    Because I always take some time to talk all intel with God first then reviewed with Teams to be on equal understanding. I already posted ....."very good". I was thinking of doing a Sunday CC in case the sharing was vital. Instead I will STAY with Monday's CC. IMO ......... The 2nd of October is a Gate.
    Frank Continues: By Monday's CC ...... I will be better informed and so will You. I have learned whereas our intel is good........ I should guarded it better during the weekdays. Surely I pray that You agree and ... Realize. Aloha my Friend

    KTFA, Frank (aloha/didulikethat/ StargatefullofStars/lol)

    abundantlyblessed wrote on September 26th, 2013, 7:10 pm: GREETINGS FRANK. Carrying over from last thread, you posted that the IMF had established a date for the RV.

    My question to you was this: IYO, do you think Delta's contact from the Finance Misistry was privy to this date? Would love your answer (or even better, I see you on Delta and would love to hear if you think this contact knew the date the IMF set). Thanks for your unending patience, your faithfulness and your commitment to God to see us all thru to the "promised land" so to speak. Smile

    Post By Frank26 » September 26th, 2013, 9:39 pm • [Post 60] I saw Your qt on the last thread and this one............ Let me see if I can stop avoiding it...... LOL.

    DELTA's contact did not give us a date. They felt this month of September would bring forth the new rate for the IQD. God Bless You ......... Even if You did not sneeze...... :lmao: Love You ...... Aloha!!! KTFA, Frank

    Post by Bandit » September 26th, 2013, 11:32 pm • [Post 91] Oh Noooo another starting point.......... 🍿 :heeheehee: What is the difference between a GATE and a WINDOW? :hmmm: Did I hear the announcer say?........Let the Currency reform begin!!!

    Post by ehankins » September 27th, 2013, 12:15 am • [Post 95] Hmmmm...When you open a star gate it offers a different way of life for those who enter. When you open a flood gate... what's on the other side of the gate it comes rushing out effecting where you stand. Oct. 2nd affects our future. We will step into and through the gate and never be the same. It's more than a flood imo... floods come to pass....even if it's a world wide flood. I just hope the gate is well oiled.

    Post by Frank26 » September 27th, 2013, 12:36 am • [Post 96] "My God .......... It's full of Stars!!!" Good night and Aloha Spirit to all......... :hibye: KTFA, Frank

    Post by sigshome » September 27th, 2013, 7:30 am • [Post 112] Posted on my online banking portal ... Never seen this before . Notice of Scheduled Maintenance

    Online and Mobile Banking will be unavailable from 12:00 AM ET until approximately 6:00 AM ET on Sunday, September 29th, due to system maintenance. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause you. interesting ...

    Post by jwtxs » September 27th, 2013, 7:44 am • [Post 117] That's a LONGGGG TIMEEE to be shut down for maintenance?????? (mine is usually only down for about 30 minutes to an hour at most!!)

    walkongstick wrote on September 27th, 2013, 9:13 am: Among the White House: the countdown began for the post-Maliki Author: BS Editor: BS, OK 27/09/2013 11:14 Image

    Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, in an earlier meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama Range Press / Washington

    Gather indicators pointing to intersections US-Iran formed key factor in assigning power to the current Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki three years ago, fell full, and at a distance of a few months of elections in 2014 parliamentary elections, everything indicates that the accounts after the battle does not look like what came before.

    Recent evidence of this fact can touch of Nuri al-Maliki himself, who canceled at the last minute trip that he intended to do to New York because Barack Obama apologized for the second time in less than a year for a meeting, even though the atmosphere US-Iranian better than ever, Since more than ten years.

    Observers may record that the Iraqi prime minister this century cancellation nervous as he said the words, addressing of politicians that "murder of identity ... but no matter what you did will not Ttzlmoa power."

    It is no secret that the U.S. president had refused a year ago Exactly, to arrange a meeting with the President of the Government of Iraq, following a request by Maliki's office, through the channels of diplomacy, that day Declined man from participating in the session of the 67th General Assembly of the United Nations, did not explain his reasons for his this decision.

    In an attempt to disguise this fact among the prime minister volunteered that day, saying that "al-Maliki did not receive an invitation to give a speech Iraq" as if the U.S. government is that invitations to attend a regular session of the General Assembly.

    For its part, the White House sources leaked at the time (September 2012), the U.S. president wanted to "punish" al-Maliki to allow Iranian aircraft to cross Iraqi airspace, so that the movement of weapons, equipment and fighters to Syria, in support of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

    At convinced observers and analysts Americans that the position of the U.S. administration of the reservation of the reign of al-Maliki, not only for his cooperation strategic alliance with Iran in support of the Syrian regime, but beyond this cooperation to neglect or dropping all the understandings signed between Washington and Baghdad before the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, the understandings are as a whole, "Strategic Framework Agreement" (November 2008) that govern US-Iraqi relations in the post-withdrawal.

    At convinced U.S. officials that al-Maliki did not do anything to maintain close contact with the United States, but did everything to prevent Washington from retaining what is left of their interests and influence in Iraq and in neighboring Iraq.

    It seems that the United States is to have a new opportunity to revitalize relations with Iraq through the "Strategic Framework Agreement", and in front of other opportunities for the implementation of projects with significant effects on the bilateral relations between the two countries at the security and oil together.

    The White House sources say that the elections preparing her Iraq in the spring of 2014, a significant milestone in re "correction" of bilateral relations, and that the post-Maliki is supposed to make that correction.

    In the view of many observers that the United States helped after the 2010 elections, the reversal process of forming the government in the direction of al-Maliki, and supported by believing that it is able to maintain internal stability, but the experience led Washington to conclusions opposite, as evidenced by events and crises enormous through which Iraq today , after Pat continuation of al-Maliki in power synonymous with each small and large disasters. Is the countdown began to replace Nouri al-Maliki?

    Among the White House insists that the elections of 2014, is considered a "moment of success or failure," the level of US-Iraqi relations, while accelerating international consultations to re-install the region militarily and politically and strategically.

    She adds that "increased bilateral cooperation, before this election, or in preparation her, Aattabravdil and means to rebuild US-Iraqi cooperation on the basis of more pronounced."

    All this means that the phase-Maliki expired or almost to expire, the American perspective at least. LINK

    Post by Frank26 » September 27th, 2013, 10:19 am • [Post 165] TY to all NEWSHOUNDS........ :handshake3: TY for the email info WS.

    I find this article to be a summation of what we have been saying about M since last year. Good to see they took good notes from our CCs...... :heehee: M and O are so parallel that is causes my Teams to ask ............ Many qts.

    I saw a poster say the weekdays lack info because I do not say much until Your M and T CCs. Hmmm ... TY. Wink

    FACT: O is having MANY meetings in the Oval that the media can not tell You about that is good for Oct 2 2013. O is being updated .......... NOW. That and what WF is doing allows me to yell ..................SQUIRREL!!! Aloha Friday KTFA Family........


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    September 27, 2013 Empty BLC's Admin Shredd & Bank VP Interview 09/27/2013

    Post by Admin on Sat Sep 28, 2013 10:17 am

    BLC's Admin Shredd & Bank VP Interview


    Shredd's INTEL v2 - Interview with top big bank VP!! - Sept 27, 2013

    Shredd CO-ADMINISTRATOR Greetings All. Time for another "intel" chat from your's truly. I thought I'd take a big step and have an interview with the most senior VP I could get my hands on and remember,

    I've been working in one of them for over ten years now so I have excellent access! I've been toying around with doing this for a while so here it is:

    Q: As you know, I'm coming to you with questions around currency exchange rates, the process around it and specifics around the Iraqi Dinar.

    A: Yes, a lot of noise around the dinar as of late.
    Read More Link On Right
    Q: Well, let's start with that then, what are you hearing about the dinar?

    A: Only that phone calls keep coming in asking about the rate.

    Q: Ok, so when it's official rate changes, how soon will you know or is there a way you have access to know ahead of time? Are you notified?

    A: With all of the resources at my disposal, there is no insider or additional secret information about pending rate changes. The exchange rate is what it is and when it changes, we immediately see it across all systems.

    We execute transactions and trade on a real time basis so rate changes are a very common practice and they must be processed immediately. This is how the process goes. It is immediate and in real time.

    Q: Ok, so one follow-up question to the dinar speculator community, certain "gurus" are saying they have contacts that tell them the rate is pending, final, awaiting approval, waiting for three letter agencies to approve, system glitches and so on that affect the release of the official rate, ust on lockdown, banks hiring staff to handle exchanges and so many other nonsense claims.

    What are your thoughts around the validity of these statements?

    A: Wow, well, this is funny to me. Again, like I just said, the process for exchange rate changes is and has been a very automatic, real-time, sreamlined process that is not known to anyone in the market until it is official.

    Only those at the BIS and and Central Banks for example would have prior knowledge of pending rate changes and even so, this would be only days prior to release and held to the highest standard of secrecy.

    Since you are coming to me with these rumors, I assume these are easily accessible on the internet which would in turn cause swift action against any valid leaks at these organizations and dealt with in a timely manner.

    Q: Makes sense to me and additionally, terrorist organizations would leverage this as much as possible too.

    A: Exactly and in banking, as you know XXXX, banks are held to the highest standard around AML and KYC and OFAC. Any financial institution that was found liable for a person leaking information around pending rate changes would be dealt with in a severe manner.

    Any employee of these entities would know not to risk jail time so it's safe to say all the information you mentioned above is simply rumors.

    Q: Ok, thank you. Recently we have heard these same "gurus" are mentioning IQN instead of IQD. Any word on that?

    A: IQD is what is on our systems and any bank personnel will only recognize that. Not sure what else you mean by that.

    Q: That's good for me. One last question about Iraq in general. What are you hearing?

    A: I can tell you they don't have much of a footprint in the market but I think everyone knows there is wealth in Iraq due to oil. To remain anonymous, we are watching this region and have seen some indicators of growth but the security situation and political issues remain a concern.

    Q: Ok, I lied, one more follow-up question to what you just said. I've discussed in our forum about the concept of triggers that will spark investor growth and at a fast pace.

    I feel many of these are present in Iraq now such as the recent release of Chapter VII, banking reform and substantial growth in reserves. Do you see Iraq coming to the market strong?

    A: Well, XXXX, I know you know your stuff around corporate investments because of your work with the XXXX and XXXX accounts so I'll say this: the ingredients are certainly there for Iraq and as we've seen in the market, it can quickly respond, either negatively or positively, to situations like what you mention.

    When investors get a taste or see their competitors rush to an investment, it doesn't take long. Just like you saw with your XXXXX client. We were closing on billions in just a few months.

    Q: Yes, so true! Ok, I want to publish for our members in my forum so what advice would you have to speculators in the dinar?

    A: Well, I guess from a common sense perspective, don't buy dinar based on rumors or information you can't verify yourself. There is not one successful investor that operates that way.

    XXXX, you've told me about how some of these guys [gurus] say they can see back screens or contacts tell them the exchange rate is about to change, or tellers saw pending rates but all of that is simply untrue. There is no way anyone is going to know what the rate is going to be ahead of time.

    Plain and simple. Study the country, the demographic, the laws, etc. Also, diversify. This should not be your only hope for a return on investment.

    Q: Ok, thank you xxxxxxxx. I appreciate your time.

    A: Happy to be of service.

    Proverbs 12:15 --The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man listens to advice.


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    September 27, 2013 Empty Friday Afternoon Dinar Chatter 09/27/2013

    Post by Admin on Sat Sep 28, 2013 10:19 am

    Friday Afternoon Dinar Chatter



    [Instigator] Found something interesting this AM... Went to local regional bank here in Mich (no, not to stalk... LOL) and teller told me they just went live with new system this morning and they are still learning and getting used to it. Just thought that is quite interesting with all the other goings on.

    [bama] if Tony is right, I may require that everyone who comes to live on my private island take on the middle name Tony

    [TexasMom] bama rofl

    [cashinqueen] check this link... .BIS announces world financial system crash dated yesterday reset is a comin party

    [FLPatriot59] Okay, some interesting comments in Recaps about millionday's post. There is a document released today - different from the June 27 resolution - that does exactly what h/she says. . .
    Here's the link (it's an Adobe PDF):

    [FLPatriot59] "Iraq suffered for more than two decades from international sanctions because of the invasion of the State of Kuwait by the former regime, however the new Iraq has managed, through its cooperation with the international community on the one hand and through the development of its brotherly relations with the neighboring State of Kuwait, to overcome the effects of the sanctions and work together with the UN Security Council in adopting UN Security Council resolution No. 2107 of 27.09.2013 which terminated Iraq's obligations under chapter VII, and thus the crises and the problems suffered by the two brotherly countries of Iraq and Kuwait became part of the past.

    Today, we look forward together to build the present to be a springboard and a solid foundation for a prosperous future for the generations that will reflect its positive effects on the entire region." - Statement by H.E. Dr. Khudheir AI- Khuzaie , Vice President of the Republic of Iraq At the general debate of the 68th session of the United Nations General Assembly New York 27 September 2013, page 8

    .[FLPatriot59] That document is directly from the UN's General Assembly website.



    DIRECT INTEL 4:07 PM EST FROM stage2omega TO You


    (100% CONFIRMED)


    NesaraBlogSpot: John MacHafffie

    ALERTS -

    1) Next step is the toll free phone numbers which will be emailed to you to make a bank appointment for exchanging.

    2) To get highest rate which is negotiable - ask for the highest New rate whose symbol ends in N.

    3) Oct 1 is the key date for rolling into the new banking system backed by Treasury Gold.

    4) Set aside cash for a week down time just in case the banks & ATMs are down during the transition.



    [olordplease] You know the worst thing about waiting.....................The waiting!

    [buffydinar] hmmmm just thinking . The US dollar just lost status with the world as the petro currency. Now Yuan is petro currency . Much cChineese activity in Panama. They run the ports there etc. Panama currency has been tied to the dollar since their independence from columbia. I wonder if they are changing that to ba Yuan based currency with this banking holliday?

    perm] buffydinar nice thinking

    [idealpalm] Buffydinar, I think they might be going the way of the BRIC group, Russia, China, etc.

    [kogarris] TNT Famiy.. we are making a concentrated effort to pray blessing on all your families from now to the end of Sept. Remember the laws of nature as we wait for the final step of our blessing to come through our doors. Plant seeds in good soil to gain the greater harvest . Attend to your personal business with the utmost integrity and honesty. Pay to the government, that you are obligated to, that which is required by law to pay and you will find blessings heaping upon blessings. This is my wish to you each of you. Be Blessed and may you prosper greatly the remainder of you nature lives. With much love and reapect from my family to yours. KOGARRIS (hug)

    [VictoriousSecret] Most USA banks are opened until 6:00pm on! Smile Smile Smile Smile

    [freeway2] I understand between 3pm - 5pm or 11pm - 2am - Eastern - Either when the Banks are all open or all closed.

    [TechDude] freeway2 11pm - 9am

    [VictoriousSecret] Banks opened till 6:00PM on fridays Smile

    [OkieGirl] Maybe because it is Friday....we get another hour!!! that would be great!



    jdtolle » September 27th, 2013, . Look ahead

    You know that in the past you’ve compromised your highest values and fallen short of your best possibilities. Forgive yourself, learn from it all, and move forward.

    Let go of any regrets and allow new, positive, creative thoughts to take their place. Though you may have done some foolish things, you now have the opportunity to do much better.

    In fact, you have the opportunity to far surpass even the best things you’ve ever imagined. Look firmly and enthusiastically ahead, and see the great possibilities.

    Feel the beautiful, authentic dreams that live inside of you. Open yourself to the powerful and amazing possibilities that are all around you.

    Any previous shortcomings are no longer the issue. You are now beyond all that, and able to live each moment in a positive and purposeful way.

    Whatever treasure you seek is already within reach, ready today for you to fulfill, to experience and to enjoy. Look ahead, then get busy bringing those treasures to life and living your dreams.

    — Ralph Marston May All Have a Safe and Blessed Day

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